The only such a fractional laser with a patented Pixel Pro technology, which effectively stimulates new cells to replace the old ones, without dangerous losses and threat to the healthy tissue. The fractional laser Harmony has the power of 2940nm, which allows to achieve desirable effects more effectively than alternative treatments:

  • Peeling effects
  • Resurfacing effects
  • Stretch marks therapy
  • Acne scar treatment
  • Posttraumatic scar treatment

The optics of the fractional laser penetrates deep layers of the skin on 15-20% of its area and selectively operating on chosen parts does not affect healthy tissues. It creates thermal sequences on programmed areas through microdamage that cause intercellular regeneration, which in turn, results in creation of a new, healthy cell structure, reduction of imperfections and improvement of the condition of the skin. Microdamage heals quickly and the effects are observed fully after 10-14 days. As a result, there is a faster and more active production of collagen whose positive effects are noticed by the patient many months after the treatment.

A procedure conducted with the fractional laser Harmony is safe and does not require anesthesia. It can also be used on such delicate areas as the neck, neckline and hands. Pixel technology allows to select a sequence model suitable for the needs of a given patient. Before the treatment, a laser test is conducted, during which a doctor selects the most optimal fractional laser settings and informs the patient about the course of the procedure and recommendations to be followed after the treatment.

Harmony laser equipment as no other ensure a patient with comfort during the procedure and guarantee fantastic therapy results. Higher safety level and speed of the therapy put it on the pedestal of minimal invasive aesthetic treatments.

 Obszar Peeling laserowy (łagodny) Resurfacing skóry (intensywny)
Oczy / usta 300 zł 600 zł
Policzki 400 zł 800 zł
Twarz 500 zł 1000 zł (osocze bogatopłytkowe GRATIS! / 1 amp.)
Szyja 400 zł 800 zł
Dekolt 500 zł 1000 zł
Twarz + szyja 800 zł 1800 zł
Twarz + szyja + dekolt 1200 zł 2600 zł
Dłonie 350 zł 700 zł

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