Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a problem of about 1-2% of population. This problem is often genetically conditioned. The body produces abnormally increased amount of sweat, which definitely complicates a person’s everyday life in a society.

Nobody likes odours. Unfortunately, excessive sweating, apart from such symptoms as wet palms, soles, armpits or face it goes together with bacterial decomposition of sweat which gives unpleasant smell. People who suffer from that condition, especially in the summer, have to have baths during the day and change their clothes several times a day. These people often complain about the problems connected with their social life because of excessive sweating, they also experience psychic discomfort.

The aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN offers excessive sweating treatment in order to make its patients feel comfortable and achieve desired skin dryness in particular areas.

Symptoms of excessive sweating

In many cases wet palms and sweat dripping from the forehead are genetic. People who suffer from excessive sweating confess that in their families at least one person somehow has a similar problem.

Sweat glands are responsible for production of sweat. They are located all over the body. The level of sweat intensity is, however, regulated by a nervous system. An average amount of sweat produced by the body is not medically determined. Thus, it is difficult to work out standards to estimate the problem of a particulat patient. The most reasonable way to diagnose and choose a proper method of treatment is a conversation with a patient and trust to their personal feelings.

Excessive sweating treatment

Treatment of excessive sweating requires localization of the areas which are the main sources of the problem. Then botulinum toxin is applied locally. This is the so called injection therapy. The dose of botox is chosen individually for a patient. This is an ideal treatment for those for whom antiperspirants and sweat blockers available at farmacies are not enough to feel fresh during the day. The ill who have contraindications for surgical treatment or those who do not like invasive treatment will appreciate simplicity and effectiveness of botox in excessive sweating treatment.

Botox reduces activity of nerve endings responsible for delivering sweat to the surface of the body. The treatment is painless and takes about 35 minutes. The results remain for half a year. After that time it can be repeated. The effects are felt by a patient after a few days. As far as side effects are concerned we include a possibility of numbness of limbs and other effects connected directly with the use of botulinum toxin Type A.

In order to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating, you should consult a medical specialist. The aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN will diagnose the intensification including its location and will select the most efficient treatment model. Patients may count on on-going and fast care in treatment of excessive sweating.

Price list excessive sweating

HYPERHIDROSIS – Botulinum Toxin Price
Underams 1500 zł
Palms 1500 zł
Forehead 900 zł
Consultation and individualized treatment plan free
Follow-up visit free

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