Hyaluronic acid products

In order to rejuvenate the skin of face, neck and decollete area the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN uses innovative products based on partially stabilized hyaluronic acid such as Restylane Vital based on the NASHA gel. This product has a long time activity, it is completely safe and is characterized by a high efficiency. Patients appretiate the treatment with the use of Restylane Vital because it has an ability to restore collagen, which is a natural building material of the skin. As a result, after the treatment, the skin remains firm, rejuvenated and noticeably more vital.

This treatment is for all those who are thinking about lift and whose skin has lost flexibility. This treatment is also for people with allergies and sensitizations, as revitalization with Restylane Vital is completely natural.

The treatment

The product is injected into the skin with the help of a thin needle. Like all the treatments of this kind, it may be performed with the use of anaesthetic gel to increase comfort of patients. The treatment lasts 15-25 minutes. A few days before the treatment it is not advised to take anticoagulants and aspirin. Our medical specialists will provide you with further information during a consultation. After the treatment you can get back to your everyday activities. However, you should remember to avoid visiting tanning salons and exposing yourself to direct sunlight and frost. The most frequent side effects of the treatment are bruises, swellings and redness which disappear after a few days. Makeup can hide all of this.

In order to obtain the best results, you should have 3-4 treatments with Restylane Vital performed . It can be done every 4 weeks. Welcome ro FABSKIN – your skin is young again.

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