Medical peel at FABSKIN

The aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw specializes in a number of skin peel treatments performed in order to improve general condition of the skin, correct its imperfections, maintain youthful, bright and flexible condition of the skin of the face, neck, decollete area and hands. The peel focuses on removing dead skin cells so that to improve the colour and smoothness of the skin.

For whom is cosmetics peel?

Indications for peel

Peel is one of the most popular aesthetic medicine treatments all over the world. Used regularly, it helps maintain fresh and youthful look. It also helps in some skin problems, in the cases of excessively oily skin, impurities, acnes, discolorations, bruises, scars. It is recommended to people who:

  • have problems with acne scars
  • have uneven skin tone
  • have problems after excessive sunbathing
  • with blackheads and enlarged pores
  • with acnes and eczema
  • suffer from skin fatigue

Peeling substances

Depending on the skin needs and individual circumstances of a patient, different substances can be used for peels so that the final effect was the most efficient and noticeable. At the aesthetic medicine clinic FABSKIN we often use chemical peels which active components are acids:

  • fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids)
  • almond acid
  • Retinol
  • beta-hydroxy acids

Medical acid peels can be safely carried out only in aesthetic medicine clinics as it is important to prepare the product with chemical substances which can damage epidermis if they are used improperly. Suitable acid concentration, preparation before the treatment, application and holding the substance – all this can be performed well only by an aesthetic medicine specialist.

Effects of the peel

The effects of the peel are immediate or noticeable within a few days. The best effects will be brought by a series of treatments performed regularly. These peels should not necesserely be based on the same components. The doctor of the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN will properly select a series of peeling treatments according to the needs of a patient’s skin. First, it is worth taking care of imperfections, that is small scars, discolorations or keratinized epidermis. Then, it is good to restore the collagen web, which will make the skin soft, radiant, flexible and of proper tone.

Time good for peel

There is no bad time for peels if we do not have any contraindications. Only in the case of acid peels you should not expose yourself to excessive sunlight after the treatment. Additional information will be given by the doctor who works at the aesthetic dermatology centre FABSKIN.

Mandel peel

In order to maintain a required level of safety, mandel peel is performed by a medical specialist. It is recommended as an ideal means for acne, blackheads and problematic skin. It can be applied to people with all types of skin, at any time of the year and at any age. The treatment is painless and lasts not longer than 30 minutes.


Mandel peel does not leave any discolorations on the skin. The first thing which a patient will notice after the treatment is cleansed and fresh skin. Other advantages are:

  • reduction of blackheads
  • improvement of acne skin condition
  • improvement of inflammatory state
  • improvement of pores’ condition
  • regulation of skin lubrication
  • removement of discolorations
  • skin illumination
  • smoothing of fine lines

After the treatment

The treatment is soft, it does not require special care or protection of the skin after that. The skin may be softly peeled, that is why it requires regular intensive moisturizing.

Mandal peel is recommended in a series of treatments, depending on skin contamination and individual needs of a patient.

Glycolic peel – alpha hydroxy acids

Glycolic peel performed at the aesthetic medicine centre is safe and effectively improves the skin condition. FABSKIN uses glycol peel to help its patients get rid of discolorations, minor scars and wrinkles.

Glycolic acid is a natural constituent of sugar cane. The doctor using different concentrations of glycolic acid can obtain different effects on the skin of a patient.

– 15% glycolic acid is good to hydrate the skin.
– 20-35% glycolic acid is efficient to peel epidermis and properly purify the face.
– 50% and above glycolic acid peels epidermis effectively and additionally enhances cells for regeneration. It is recommended to people who have wrinkles and strong discolorations.

For whom glycolic peel?

Glycolic peel has a wide range of effects, that is why it can be used in treatments of different skin problems. It is excellent in the following cases:

  • necessity of improve hydration of the skin
  • smoothing of wrinkles
  • reducing scars and acne scars
  • cleansing of the skin, even in its deep levels
  • reducing small and strong discolorations
  • revilatisation of soft skin of face, neck and decollete area
  • treatment of freckles

The peel can be performed all year round, except for the cases of skin allergies and abnormal pigmentation.

Easy Peel TCA – Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

This is an intensive peel designed for people with mature skin prone to contamination. It strongly peels epidermis, making the skin brighter and removing acne scars. Easy peel TCA can be used for face, neck, decollete, back and shoulder areas.

For whom?

This peel is recommended to people who would like to regenerate their skin and get rid of discolorations. This treatment is also recommended to smokers and people who suffer from acne. This peel is also effective in reducing fine lines. It may be used as a complementary to other rejuvenating treatments.


This is a strong type of chemical peel. Acids are its main component, that is why the treatment should not be carried out in summer because the skin is exposed to intensive sunlight.

How does the treatment look like?

At the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw the easy peel TCA treatment is carried out by a medical specialist who prepares the peel according to the patient’s needs. First, acids are applied on the skin, then the cream which activates the acids is applied. The treatment is not one of the most pleasant because a patient feels pinching and swelling which disappears within a few minutes.

After the treatment

After the easy peel TCA the skin is locally red for about a week or so. Sometimes its colour changes to brown. During this time intensive exfoliation of epidermis takes place. Then the epidermis regenerates. The final effect is thoroughly purified, bright skin with no discolorations.

The treatment should be repeated within a month. Later the peel may be carried out several times a year.

Pyruvic peel

Pyruvic acid is present in apples, vinegar and fermented fruit. Thanks to its dermoplastic, sebostatic and antimicrobial properties it is used in peeling, which enables obtainment of quick effects non-invasively and safely. It is absorbed by the skin and has strong dermatological effects like other strongly exfoliating acids. If affects several levels, it reduces adherence between corneocytes, which results in abrasion of epidermis. Bacteriostatic effect locally normalizes the skin’s pH, prevents from creation of blackheads and reduces the level of sebum responsible for seborrheic dermatitis, which cases acne.

The effects of pyruvic peel

Depending on the level of concentration of pyruvic acid in the peel we may have different positive effects for our body and face skin improvement.

  • prevents oily skin
  • controls sebum
  • has bacteriostatic effect
  • has a positive influence on local production of collagen
  • abrasion of dead epidermis
  • the skin becomes noticeably brighter and does not have impurities.

After the chemical peel

Chemical peels based on acids can be performer only in specialized cosmetic centres. Before the treatment it is worth contacting the doctor (at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw) in order to schedule the treatment. After the treatment you should:

  • avoid direct sunlight
  • moisturize the skin after the treatment
  • take increased doses of Vitamin C
  • use creams with high SPF
  • put on makeup one day after the treatment

After the treatment the skin stays red for a coupe of days. This is a normal process of epidermis recovery and you do not have to support it mechanically. You should, however, moisturize the skin regularly. It is very important to avoid sunbathing in order to maintain proper skin tone.

Jessner solution. For all skin types

Jessner solution is a medical peel which can be used for all skin types. Jessner solution contains alcohol, salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. These components cause regeneration of epidermis and its complex exfoliation.

For whom?

At FABSKIN Jessner solution peel is often used to:

  • remove blackheads
  • reduce acne
  • control discoloration
  • flatter mimic wrinkles
  • achieve natural skin tone
  • prevent excessive sebum production

After the treatment the skin in noticeably rejuvenated and brightened. Small wrinkles are flattened, discolorations are removed, acne symptoms are not visible and the effect of immediate purification gives a stronger feeling of satisfaction.

About the treatment

Jessner solution peel is performed as mild and strong treatment. A stronger effect is obtained when several layers of the solution are applied on the skin using a special applicator. Before that the skin is thoroughly purified and after a few minutes the solution is removed. Like in the case of other chemical peels, the skin after the treatment stays red for a few days and requires intensive moisturization. After complete, spontaneous epidermis exfoliation, a patient enjoys excellent effects.

Jessner solution peel at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw is recommended to be performed in a number of treatments at monthly intervals. Then a patient can have better and longlasting effects.

Yellow Peel – nutrient peel

If you want to get rid of skin discolorations we will recommend yellow peel treatment at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw. This is a safe treatment with the use of retinoic, phytic, kojic, azelaic acids and Vitamin C. You can expect noticeable skin renewal effects thanks to strong stimulation of collagen and elastin during the treatment. Antioxidative activity allows removing skin aging effects. It happens due to exfoliation. Yellow peel is an excellent complementation to anti-acne treatment and premature skin aging. It can be used for all skin types and different face and body areas.


The best effects of yellow peel are expected in the case of:

  • acne
  • discolorations
  • age spots
  • acne scars
  • uneven tone
  • melasma


As in the case of any medical peel, you should pay special attention whether there are any injuries or inflammations of the skin. More than that, other contraindications include:

  • cellulitis
  • retinoids treatment
  • melanocytic lesions
  • allergies to any of the product’s ingredients
  • herpes

The doctor will estimate how many yellow peel treatments are necessary for a patient to obtain satisfying effect. Usually the treatment is repeated every 4 weeks.

Price list peel

CHEMICAL PEELS Price Promotion
Almond peel 150 zł
Almond + salycylic peel 200 zł
Glycolic peel 200 zł
Pyruvic peel 200 zł
Easy Peel – TCA 300 zł 3 treatments = 270 zł per treatment
Deep Phenol Peel – Easy Phen Light 4000 zł 2999 zł
Pixel Peel (Dermapen + Peeling TCA) – face 900 zł 3 treatments 770 zł= per treatment
Pixel Peel (Dermapen + Peeling TCA) – stomach 1200 – 1500 zł
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