Revitalization of the skin around the eye area

This is a real revitalizing cocktail for sensitive and demanding skin around the eyes. This is the only product designed to deal with a number of skin problems at the same time:

  • it reduces wrinkles
  • it improves microcirculation of the skin
  • it makes the skin more flexible
  • it reduces swelling and shadows around the eyes
  • it illuminises the skin, redices the so called “bags”
  • it reduces liquids which cumulate around the eyes area

What are the components of Light Eyes Ultra?

Are you fed up with everyday correction of the skin around the eyes? Do you want to have the skin in this area to be naturally healthy and illuminized, without small wrinkles and signs of fatigue? The aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN recommends Light Eyes Ultra treatment thanks to which you will get rid of all the problems connected with the skin around the eyes. Light Eyes Ultra contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, hexapeptides, rosemary, butcher’s broom and blueberry. This combined power of natural ingredients has smoothing and revitalizing effects on the skin around the eyes.

About the treatment

The Light Eyes Ultra treatment at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw is performed after application of anesthetic cream on the skin of a patient. Then, injection of the product takes place. The whole treatment lasts for a few minutes and it is not much painful. However, it might be unpleasant. The product itself causes pinching and initially causes swelling of the eyelids and sites of injection. Within a few days redness and bruises disappear spontaneously, as well as the needle marks.

What should be expected after the Light Eyes Ultra treatment?

The patients of FABSKIN first notice that the bags under eyes are flattened due to which the face looks youthful and without the sign of fatigue. Reduction of mimic wrinkles also optically has rejuvenating effect and gives the feeling of satistafction. The day after, the patients feel that their eyes and more relaxed. People with dark under-eye circles can have them reduced by 70% or have them completely removed after a series of treatments. The best effects are achieved if a complex program of skin revitalization is discussed with a FABSKIN medical specialist. The Light Eyes Ultra treatment can be combined with other methods of reduction of wrinkles and aging processes. This treatment is completely natural and can be carried out for a vast majority of patients of different age with skin problems.

Active components:

  • Hyaluronic acid – natural compinent of tissues. It determines about skin’s firmness and hydration.
  • Hexapeptides – a substance which joins amino acids. They loosen minim wrinkles, reduce face tension and have an effect similar to botox.
  • Butcher’s broom – thanks to its strong draining properties it stimulates microcirculation, which improves general appearance of the skin, making it fresh.
  • Blueberry – is an efficient antioxidant contained in blueberry fruit.
  • Rosemary – reduces visible swellings and stimulates microcirculation.

Price list light eyes

Mezotherapy Price Promotion
Teosyal Redensity – 1ml / 3ml 700 / 1300 zł
Princess Rich – 1ml 600 zł
NCTF HA – 1 amp 400 zł
Dermaheal HSR – 1 amp 400 zł
Light Eyes – dark circles / eye bags 300 zł
Platelet Rich Plasma 1 amp. / 2 amp. 700 / 900 zł 550 / 700 zł
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