Lipotransfer/ Lipofilling – modelling with the use of stem cells from adipose tissue

The world aesthetic medicine market revolution. Innovation in Polish dermatological clinics – adipose tissue transplantation. Fabskin in Warsaw is one of a few clinics which performs lipofilling.

It is unusual that somebody has an ideal body. It is always that somewhere it is too much and somewhere it is too little. In order to balance your body proportions and make it look better we offer an innovative treatment based on transmission of the patient’s adipose tissue. As a result, the place where there is too much of the adipose tissue, it will be reduced. Instead, it will be transplanted to another place which you would like to make more attractive. The process is carried out without artificial fillers, it is natural and is performed using a safe method of injection.

Modelling of the body using adipose tissue without a scalpel? At Fabskin centre of aesthetic medicine it is possible!

What is lipotransfer?

It may seem that lipofilling is a very complicated treatment. Actually it is based on several activities performed by a qualified and trained dermatologist. First of all, a medical inquiry with a patient is carried out during which the treatment is discussed in details. The areas are determined from which the adipose tissue will be taken as well as the areas where the processed adipose tissue of the patient will be transplanted. The adipose tissue is extracted via liposuction. At that stage a special cannula is inserted into the body after a previous anaesthesia of the injected area. About 20-30 ml of fat is taken. Next, the patient’s fat is processed in order to avoid allergic and immunological reactions. Later, with the help of a cannula, the processed fat is injected to other parts of the face or the body.

The treatment depending on its complexity lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours and does not require any special preparation. After the treatment the areas of injection are red and swollen. The recovery period lasts for about 7 days during which the swelling and redness disappear and the results become noticeable.

One lipotransfer is enough in order to model the body!

Who can have lipofilling?

Lipofilling is recommended to every person who would like to shape their body quickly and safely.

  • For people who would like to model cheeck bones
  • For people who would like to improve the quality of the skin in the areas of scars and folds
  • In order to reduce sagging skin in the area of the chin, neck and decollete line
  • In order to make face more noble
  • In order to get rid of adipose tissue from the abdomen, hips and buttocks
  • For people who would like to get rid of eye bags
  • In order to lift buttocks
  • In order to even the back of the hands

Contraindications to lipografting

  • Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding
  • Active skin infections
  • Cancer
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Other contraindications mentioned by the doctor during the medical inquiry

Additional information about lipotransfer

  • Additional advantages of the treatment (apart from getting rid of excessive fat and firming certain areas of the body) are noticeable with time and result in healthier skin which has a better texture. This happens due to stem cells activity in the body
  • The adipose tissue is the best material to obtain stem cells
  • Currently lipotransfer is becoming the most popular alternative to silicone fillings
  • Areas modelled by patient’s fat look natural as if they grew by themselves
  • Lipotransfer is adored by world’s celebrities
  • In the case of breast augmentation, a single treatment can result in one cup size of enlargement
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Lips 3000 zł 2499 zł
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Face 4000 zł 3499 zł
Hand 3000 zł 2499 zł
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