Firm lips are women’s visiting card

Lips have always been considered to be the most attractive and determining femaleness element of appearance. Vivid, firm and shapely – they attract glances and arouse jealousy. They testify for sensuality and stimulate imagination. It is worth taking care of our lips making them look beautiful. Lips are final complementation of a perfect look. If they are too small, narrow or uneven – they can spoil the most beautiful face.

Safe lip augmentation

All over the world women reach for products with hyaluronic acid which evens the shape of their lips and makes them fuller. It should be remembered that only treatment carried out in a professional medical centre by a qualified doctor does guarantee success and minimizes adverse reactions which can appear usually in the form of oedema, redness, small coloured stains in the site of injections. Fortunately, these problems disappear spontaneously within a few days and you can cover them with the help of soft makeup.

Contraindications for lip augmentation

A consultation with a medical specialist at aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN is a basis of safe and efficient lip augmentation treatment. The most serious contraindications are, of course, allergies which should be excluded before the hyaluronic acid treatment. Inflammations can also be a temporary contraindication for lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation effects Warsaw Fabskin

Effects of lip augmentation at Fabskin in Warsaw are immediate and can be repeated according to the schedule agreed with the doctor. In the lip area hyaluronic acid is absorbed within 6-10 months. Similarly as in the cases of other treatments with hyaluronic acid, even after complete absorbtion of the acid lips look better than before the treatment.

Why is it worth doing?

Because with aging delicate lip skin dehydrates and becomes less firm. The face changes and the lips naturally move down losing their shape and vividness. Lips are active during the whole life and should have an exceptional treatment in order to prevent their best values.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid restores hydration and makes them firm. Lips become more vivid and fuller. The lip corners rise and small wrinkles are reduced.

Lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid is a treatment for those people who would like to improve aesthetics of their look and for young people who dream about fuller, firmer and more vivid lips. This treatment has natural effects and it is safe. FABSKIN in Warsaw – an aesthetic dermatology centre.

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