How should a correct smile look like? Should gums be visible while smiling? How many teeth should a beautiful smile show? These and similar questions many be asked bz those people whose smile shows a bit too much. A gummy smile shows the gums, that is why teeth seem to be optically smaller and the smile itself is unattractive. For many people showing a white smile is not possible because their gums are too much prominent. It seems to them that their teeth are too small and irregular. It is not true. If you are unhappy about your smile, contact the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw – we have proven methods of gummy smile treatment.

How to correct gummy smile?

Gummy smile is diagnosed when 3 mm of gum is shown when we smile. There are several methods available on the market of aesthetic medicine and dentistry which are able to correct excessively gummy smile in order to expose more of the teeth. Depending on the type of a gummy smile, this treatment should be performed on 1 or several teeth. The treatment is 100% successful. Elongation of tooth crowns has a risk of side effects, as all immediate treatments. Patients complain about tooth mobility and roots sensitivity.

For young people who do not have a severe gummy smile it is good to wear orthodontic braces. Unfortunately, in the case of adults gummy smile should be treated additionally.

Treating the gummy smile with botox

Now in Poland it is possibile to use botulinum toxin Type A for gummy smile treatment. This kind of treatment is non-invasive. It brings positive results for a wide majority of patients. Botox is injected into the muscles of the lips, which causes their augmentation and at the same time reduces the visibility of the gums. Simple and smart at the same time! If your smile is excessively gummy and you do not want to risk any surgical treatment, the method with botox is an ideal solution for you. As other botox treatments, this one should be regularly repeated in order to maintain its effects (every 6 months). An additional benefit that follows from the use of botox is that it definitely corrects the line of the mouth, the lips become firmer and more round, they also look more shapely.

Price list gummy smile

Botolinum Toxin Procedures Price Promotion
Glabella (frown line) 400 zł
Forehead (horizontal lines) 400 zł
Crow’s feet 400 zł
2 regions 800 zł 700 zł
3 regions – full package 1200 zł 950 zł
Eyebrow lift 400 zł
Bunny lines 200 zł
Upper lip (smoker’s lines) 400 zł
Marionette lines 400 zł
Cobblestone chin 450 zł
Neck 800 – 1200 zł
HYPERHIDROSIS – Botulinum Toxin Price
Armpits 1500 zł
Palms 1500 zł
Forehead 900 zł
Botulinum Toxin Price Promotion
Bruxism treatment 1200 – 2000 zł 950 – 1500 zł
Non-surgical jaw corrective treatment 1200 – 2000 zł 950 – 1500 zł
OTHER PROCEDURES – Botulinum Toxin Price Promotion
Gummy smile 600 zł 450 zł
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