Cellulite reduction at FABSKIN

Aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw helps its patients tackle efficiently with the problems of cellulite. Cellulite touches 9/10 women of different age who lead different lifestyle. Getting rid of cellulite is no mean feat. Probably every one looks pitifully at their uneven skin, that is why effective help in cellulite removal is very important. It is based on removing adipose tissue.

Areas in which cellulite mostly occurs:
– hips,
– thighs,
– buttocks,
– abdomen,
– shoulders

Why does cellulite happen?

Cellulite is a result of cumulation of residuals and liquids located in tissues. It happens as a result of worse circulation and excessive decrease of metabolism in the cells. Oxygen cannot be absorbed in the required amount, thus the process of transferring of nutrients to the cells is disordered. Adipose cells grow and overlap blood and lymphatic vessels. We see the so called orange peel which is indeed a group of overgrown adipocytes. A lot of women look for effective ways of getting rid of cellulite.

Other reasons of cellulite

Unfortunately, we are to blame for multicolour marks and lumps visible on our body. What are the most common reasons of cellulite?

– unhealthy diet (a lot of animal fats and too small amount of fruit and vegetables)
– sedentary lifestyle (in order to improve blood circulation and to oxygenate the cells it is recommended to take up regular physical activities. Sedentary lifestyle is not in your favour)
– smoking
– intensive sunbathing

Types of cellulite

Depending on the skin and other factors there are 5 types of cellulite:

1. solid (hard) cellulite – mosty appears in young women under 25. It can be painful, it is often located in the area of thighs and hips. It is grainy and may be sensitive to the touch.
2. soft cellulite – this problem appears in women over 40 whose skin is not much flexible. The grains of cellulite are sensitive to the touch and are noticeable on the body. It can appear in any area of the body.
3. edematous cellulite – which is also called swollen, one of its main reasons is cumulation of fluid in tissues, it causes oedema. This type of cellulite should be treated only in aesthetic medicine centres.
4. lipid cellulite – is caused by improper blood circulation of the skin. It attacks large parts of the body and is strongly noticeable. It is necessary to restore proper metabolism of connective tissue in the attacked areas.
5. mixed cellulite – occurs in different areas of the body of the same person. This is the most common type and it requires a special treatment schedule.

Cellulite occurs in every 8 or 9 people. The earlier you start the treatment the less types ofcellulite appear in your body. It will be easier to reduce it. Everyone wants to have ideal, flawless skin. Unfortunately, orange peel destroys your dreams. Learn about our offer and get rid of cellulite as soon as possible.

Mesotherapy as a way to get rid of cellulite

Mesotherapy, diet and excercise

Mesotherapy, diet and exercise. There is no effective and longlasting plan to tackle the orange peel. In order to get rid of cellulite effectively you should visit the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw and undergo mesotherapy treatment. You should also think about changing your diet (especially concerning the amount of animal fats) as well as change your lifestyle (more active, less sedentary lifestyle)

How does mesotherapy affect cellulite?

At the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN patients during the treatment obtain injections of lipolytic products which improve metabolism and blood circulation. As a result of the first treatment cellulite becomes less noticeable. You get rid of cellulite after 3 treatments carried out according to the schedule prepared by the doctor. Mesotherapy guarantees the best effects in:
– reduction of the adipose tissue
– removal of excessive liquid
– improvement of blood circulation
– reduction of oedema
– improvement of metabolism of cells
– liquidation of deposits in adipose cells
– releasing of fat from the cells
– regeneration of tissues
– restoration of collagen

Mesotherapy has a positive influence on slimming and modelling of the body. Thanks to a better blood circulation and increasing metabolism we get rid of cellulite, we also fight other disorders in the body.


  • Reduction of local adipose tissue
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Regeneration and increasing flexibility of the skin

Active components:

Carnitine, Phosphatydylocholine
Multivitamins, Animo acids, Minerals

Decapeptide-4: enhances burning of adipose tissue, it is responsible for smoothing the skin

Used for: face (chin), body

ALIDYA – revolutionary treatment and prevention of cellulite

ALIDYA, Anti Lipo Dystrophic Agent is a formulation developed by doctor Pasqual Motolese who specializes in products for aesthetic medicine. ALIDYA was qualified as a medical product of III class CE. It means that it meets the requirements of directives concerning safety and health care; it underwent rigorous tests confirming its effects and can be used on the territory of the European Union.

At the aesthetic medicine centre Fabskin we use innovartive ALIDYA product in cellulite treatment and prevention. Unaesthetic skin changes such as cellulite (also called orange peel syndrome) also appear in slim and young people. For a long time cellulite has been treated externally, which has not brought much positive results because adipose tissue and estrogens are responsible for cellulite. That is why the problem of cellulite affects mostly females, and it occurs mostly in the area of buttocks, thighs and hips.

FABSKIN – how is cellulite formed?

Cellulite is formed on the level of tissues. This is influenced by disorders of microcirculation, i.e. venous insufficiency which leads to improper disposal of toxins. The toxins slow down metabolism and ions of iron accumulate in cells and intertissue particles. They take part in liberation of peroxides which destroy healthy cells. Adipose tissue becomes swollen because peroxidation of lipids slows down activity of proteins and enzymes. It also depolarizes membranes and decreases lipid hydrophobicity inside of them. As adipose tissue swells, connective tissue also starts growing. As a result tissues disform and we observe that the skin has a dimpled, wavy appearance, orange discolorations and bumps, which is all known as cellulite.

Why is ALIDYA helpful in prevention of cellulite?

Problems with microcirculations are caused by different reasons. The most common are hormonal changes (estrogen hyperactivity), hereditary characteristics, diet with a lot of fat and carbohydrates, sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity, unhealthy lifestyle, use of stimulants, stress, medical and surgical treatments – they can favour the emergence of cellulite. The aesthetic medicine centre Fabskin uses ALIDYA to prevent the appearance of cellulite – the treatment of deacidification of cells, that is getting rid of ions of iron. The treatment improves resistance of cell membranes, making enzymes and proteins work actively providing high quality building material to tissues, which improves them. This enhances metabolism and microcirculation, does not allow tissues grow. Development of cellulite is stopped and the skin is improved.

How does ALIDYA affect cellulite?

ALIDYA is one of a few preparations which really affects cellulite, it does not just cover the problem. It works from the basics. It strengthens cell membranes and tissues. It also improves microcirculation. Cellulite does not have a chance!

During aesthetic medical treatment, ADYLIA localizes ions of iron present in the cells and neutralizes them. It also deacidifies intercellular areas and does not allow new ions of iron getting deposited there. Moreover, it removes toxins from the tissues which are cumulated as a result of disturbed microcirculation in the body. But this is not all. Amino acids and energy materials contained in ALIDYA destroy free radicals and carry out revitalization of cellular cavities (osmotic drainage, regeneration of transport proteins, improvement of lipid asymmetry of cell membranes, enhance microcirculation). All is carried out as a safe and trusted mesotherapy treatment with the use of revolutionary medical formulation ALIDYA.

For whom do we recommend ALIDYA as a cellulite treatment?

At the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN the treatment and prevention of cellulite is performed after an interview with a patient. We would like to make sure that the treatment will be 100% safe and efficient for the patient. ALIDYA medical treatment is recommended for people who:

  • Have problems with cellulite
  • Have undergone liposuction
  • Have lipid swelling
  • Have undergone Axualyx intralipotherapy treatment
  • Have noticeable or appearing skin changes remaining cellulite
  • Have problems with slow metabolism
  • Would like to prevent cellulite
  • Work at least 4-5 hours a day in sitting position
  • Belong to the group at risk of cellulite (present in women in their family, have sedentary lifestyle, obecity, overweight, little physical activity, diet high in fats and carbohydrates)

Remember! It is easier to prevent than to treat. Cellulite is a problem for every second woman!

Contraindications for ALIDYA treatment:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Active skin allergies
  • Autoimmune diseases

How does ALIDYA treatment look like?

Reduction and prevention of cellulite treatment is carried out at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN with the use of ALIDYA formulation via injection in a common and safe mesotherapy treatment.

1. The doctor mixes the content of two vials with active components
2. Using a sterile needle the doctor adds solvent for lyophilization (or freeze-drying)
3. The site of injection is disinfected and secured
4. During the process of intradermotherapy the prepared ALIDYA product is given to the subcutaneous layer.

After the procedure there might appear small redness and swelling in the injection site. They are not serious and disappear spontaneously within a few hours.

The treatment at the dermatherapy centre FABSKIN does not require special preparation, and after the treatment a patient can get back to their daily routine.

Results of ALIDYA treatment and frequency of its use

Depending on the problem and the area of its occurance, the ALIDYA treatment should be carried out 7-12 times every 15-20 days. Usually we carry out 1 treatment every 7 days.

In order to maintain positive effects of the treatment and to prevent cellulite appearance we recommend to repeat the treatment annually. At the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN we use complementary treatments which allow preserve beauty and delay skin aging processes. Our doctors will inform you about additional possibilities.

The results of the treatment:

  • The skin is noticeable smoother and more beautiful
  • The skin is firmer and brighter
  • Microcirculation is increased
  • Intercellular metabolism is enhanced
  • Toxins are dissolved from the cells
  • Ions of iron are neutralized
  • Adisose and connective tissues are improved
  • Free radicals are removed
  • Osmotic drainage
  • Protein reconstruction
  • Cells and tissues are secured
  • Extracellular matrix (ECM) works properly

At the aesthetic medicine and dermatherapy FABSKIN you can have revolutionary and modern ALIDYA treatment performed. We guarantee complex treatment and prevention of cellulite. We use medical preparations and high quality devices. All the treatments are performed by qualified specialists.

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