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Gummy smile

How should a correct smile look like? Should gums be visible while smiling? How many teeth should a beautiful smile show? These and similar questions many be asked bz those people whose smile shows a bit too much. A gummy smile shows the gums, that is why teeth seem to be optically smaller [...]

Gummy smile2020-04-07T11:32:12+02:00

How to cure bruxism?

Bruxism is a disease that belongs to the field of parasomnia connected with sleep disorder. It happens mostly at night (sleep bruxism). However, it might also happen during the day (awake bruxism). People who suffer from bruxism reveil hypersensitivity to stress, they also have an increased nervous tension. Bruxism is also connected with [...]

How to cure bruxism?2020-04-07T11:32:12+02:00