Bruxism is a disease that belongs to the field of parasomnia connected with sleep disorder. It happens mostly at night (sleep bruxism). However, it might also happen during the day (awake bruxism). People who suffer from bruxism reveil hypersensitivity to stress, they also have an increased nervous tension. Bruxism is also connected with malocclusion, increased tension or disorders of muscles of mastication. Untreated bruxism may lead to serious malocclusion and other problems.

Symptoms of bruxism

It is difficult to diagnose bruxism at the beginning. People with symptoms of bruxism often look for its reasons in other diseases and visit different medical specialists until the disease is properly defined. The most frequent symptoms of bruxism are:

  • Tooth fractures and tooth wear.
  • Teeth grinding at night.
  • Visible roots of the teeth.
  • Bleeding while brushing teeth.
  • Aching jaw muscles.
  • Increased tension of the shoulder girdle connected with pain.
  • Backache, headache, pain of nape, abdomen, eating problems


Only a medical specialist is able to diagnose bruxism. Welcome everybody who feel anxious about the problems mentioned above to a medical examination to our dental clinic FABDENT, where our doctors will carry out special examination and will help choose a proper treatment. The doctor examins general condition of a patient, the shape of their face and posture. Then the doctor carries out extraoral examination when the jaw muscle tension is checked, as well as cracking sounds and conditions of temporomandibular joints. Intraoral examination checks symptoms of bruxism in the area of teeth.

Immediate treatment

At the aesthetic medicine cetrte FABSKIN bruxism is treated with botulinum toxin. This is a safe method which is extremely effective and fast. With the help of botox injections we are able to decrease cheek muscles activity. These muscles are blocked for a period of about 6 months, that is why a nervous impuls does not reach the muscles and does not cause their hyper reaction.

The treatment takes about a dozen of minutes and it is painless. It works only in the area of the muscle where the injection was delivered. It does not spread to other muscles. Contraindications for this treatment are the same as in the case of other botox treatments.

Price list bruxism

Botulinum Toxin Price Promotion
Bruxism treatment 1200 – 2000 zł 950 – 1500 zł
Non-surgical jaw corrective treatment 1200 – 2000 zł 950 – 1500 zł
Consultation and individualized treatment plan free
Follow-up visit free

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