Thigh hair is a real problem and a nightmare of brunettes and brow-haired women. Usually dark hair is thick and strong, and both shaving and growing is very troublesome. There is a risk of ingrown hair, which is particularly unpleasant. Although there is a number of hair removal methods, none of them, apart from laser thigh hair removal offers permanent effects. Using a razor is cheap and fast, waxing or sugar paste methods are very painful, while the effects last for a short time only. An additional disadvantage of using traditional methods of hair removal is the risk of damaging the skin, as well as spots and ingrown hairs that appear after shaving. Women who take care of their looks can spend a long time on hair removal, but thanks to the wide range of services offered by Fabskin centre this may no longer be necessary. In fact, you can enjoy the comfort of smooth thighs immediately after the treatment. After all, every woman who loves short skirts and dresses dreams of having smooth, slender legs and thighs, not only during the summer season.

Laser thigh hair removal with Palomar VECTUS laser

Traditional hair removal methods do not bring any permanent effects, since in such cases the hair matrix is not damaged. The skin on the thighs is delicate, therefore, when using a manual razor, we expose it to irritation and redness. Another disadvantage of traditional hair removal is the necessity to frequently repeat the procedures. In the aesthetic medicine centre Fabskin we perform state-of-the-art, safe and efficient hair removal methods, which are considerably better than others.

During laser thigh hair removal laser beams damage the hair matrix, which makes the hair follicle atrophy. As a result, hair stops to grow. In order to remove all hair, it is recommended to undergo a few hair removal sessions, since the laser removes only hairs that are in the growing phase (around 1/3 of hair). The procedure must be repeated a few times at 4-week to 6-week intervals.

Who is laser thigh hair removal for?

The procedure is recommended to people who are not keen on traditional hair removing methods and cannot bear waxing or removal with sugar paste. Laser thigh hair removal is a perfect solution for persons who wish to get rid of unwanted hair for ever and not to shave regularly. The procedure is recommended to persons who suffer from excessive hairiness (hirsutism) and for those who feel discomfort associated with ingrown hair follicles after using traditional hair removal methods.

Contraindications for laser thigh hair removal:

Before every procedure, our specialist, who will consult the patient, will also answer any of their questions and doubts. They will also tell you about about all contraindications. These include, among others:
– pregnancy,
– serious diseases, e.g. cancer,
– dark tan – discoloration and burn risk,
– birthmarks, open wounds,
– taking antibiotics, hormones, steroids and other photosensitizing medications,
– blond, gray and red hair,
– skin abscess, acne.

Preparation for laser thigh hair removal

Before laser thigh hair removal it is important to comply with a few important rules and prepare the skin well for the procedure:
– skin on the thighs cannot be irritated, instead, it must be well moisturized,
– before the procedure, it is recommended not to remove hair with: tweezers or epilators, which pluck hair out together with roots (for the period of 6 weeks), other forms of hair removal (shaving, cutting) are allowed,
– it is recommended to shave hair a day before the procedure (leave a small piece unshaved to assess the color and thickness of the hair).
– 4 weeks before the arranged time of laser thigh hair removal creams and ointments that contain vitamin A, C, retinoids and fruit acids cannot be used,
– a week before the procedure any exfoliating products, photosensitizing medicines should be discontinued.

Note: The procedure is not recommended for blond, grey or red hair. The reason for this is the lack of melanin, which results in low effectiveness of hair removal.

Advantages of laser thigh hair removal

The main benefits of laser hair removal are, first of al,l permanent effects – damaged hair does not grow back. The procedure is safe, non-invasive and recommended both to men and women.

Before the procedure:

– it is necessary to consult a specialist,
– the skin should be shaved 1 day before the procedure, it should be clean, no cosmetics can be used 3 days before thigh hair removal,
– at least 2 hours before the procedure sun tanning should be avoided,
– do not use self-tanning lotions 2 weeks before the treatment,
– do not remove hair with roots up to 4 weeks before laser thigh hair removal,
– hair removal creams should not be used at least one week before a laser treatment.

After laser thigh hair removal:

– temporary swelling or redness of the treated area may occur,
– cosmetics should not be used,
– skin should be treated in a delicate way, cleansed with water and alcohol-free milk,
– a soothing cream, e.g. Alantan Plus can be applied,
– sun-sensitizing medications, creams that contain vitamin A, C, Saint John’s wort or marigold cannot be used,
– 2 weeks after the treatment it is recommended not to tan the skin,
– between thigh hair removal hair cannot be removed with tweezers or wax,
– it is not recommended to use swimming pools and saunas (there is a risk of irritating the skin),
– it is recommended to have a 4- to 12-week breaks between sessions.
Note: The procedure is not recommended for blond, grey or red hair. The reason for this is the lack of melanin, which results in low effectiveness of laser hair removal.

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