Groundbreaking, non-ablative treatment of facial wrinkles and damaged vessels. The Alma system emits light beams of 1064 nm, which allows to reduce superficial and deep wrinkles. Laser heads have been equipped with a tested cooling system, which protects the skin against damage and burns, and guarantees a patient’s comfort during the procedure. The width of impulses is up to 60ms, which allows to conduct treatment fast and precisely.

The Alma Nd:YAG 1064nm system is intended for treatment of 3 class changes. These include superficial vessel damage, venulectasias damage and deep internal vascular lesions, due to the high stream of energy. The cooling end protects the skin, disperses temperature, minimizing the feeling of heat and pain by a patient. Laser heads are available in two variants: 45 and 90 degrees. They are selected to match individual needs. A LED used in Alma Nd:YAG 1064nm enables to precise light cutaneous capillaries, which allows to conduct the procedure in merely a few minutes.

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