Accent Ultra V is a multifunctional complex equipment for beauty enhancement: it shapes the body, makes the face and body slimmer as well as treats excessive sweating. The equipment is characterized by different, treatment techniques precisely adapted to the face and body area as well as to every type of treatment (excessive sweating, skin lift, cellulite, fat, scar, stretch marks reduction). An undeniable advantage of the machine available in our centre FABSKIN in Warsaw is the fact that thanks to its versatility may be used on any part of the body, thus, constituting a good alternative of other surgical methods. It is the first device on the market which makes the body slimmer without a scalpel, lifts and shapes the face as well as improves skin elasticity in a safe and pain-free way.

Laser innovation

Technologies, which have so far been used in aesthetic medicine separately – ultrasound waves, lymphatic drainage, unipolar radio wave and a diode laser – in the case of Accent Ultra V Shape are now all used together. Combination of those functions makes the laser innovative and one of a kind. Every function is responsible for a different process – ultrasound waves damage fat cells, a radio wave increases metabolism, thanks to which the body releases fat faster.

Accent Ultra V Shape side effects

During the procedure Accent Ultra V Shape emits ultrasounds, which by means of vibrations disintegrate fat cells. It is crucial to note that there is no risk of damaging adjacent tissues. Thanks to the use of a few technologies at the same time, we can remove fat cells, make the skin firmer and improve its structure.

Treatments conducted with Accent Ultra V Shape are pain-free and do not require anesthesia. During the procedure, a patient’s body temperature is constantly monitored and a complex system ensures safety. A patient can feel heat and slight redness of the skin may appear. The device also contains a cooling system, whose task is to protect the epidermis, skin, fibers, nerves and vessels, damaging only fat cells. A procedure lasts from around twenty minutes to less than one hour, depending on the part of the body and it may be performed in every season. It does not cause any side effects and does not require a patient to resign from physical activity.

Who is the Accent Ultra V Shape procedure for?

Treatments performed with Accent Ultra V Shape are first of everyone who is looking for non-invasive and effective solutions. The procedure is recommended to persons who suffer from localized excessive adipose tissue, cellulite and skin firmness. An undeniable advantage of the equipment is the option of using it on different parts of the body, such as the stomach, buttocks and face.

Treatments that can be performed with Accent Ultra V Shape laser.

  • cellulite reduction
  • adipose reduction
  • stretch marks removal
  • skin firming
  • scars reduction
  • excessive sweating
  • removal of the so-called chubby cheeks and double chin.

When are the first results visible?

The effects are visible already after the first procedure. The skin becomes much softer. In order to achieve the best results, a series of 4 to 8 treatments repeated every 8-10 days should be conducted. The effects last for a long time, however, it is crucial to remember that the skin undergoes natural ageing processes, therefore in order to maintain the results, the procedure must be repeated from time to time.

Is the V Shape method safe?

Yes, it is an entirely safe, painless and non-invasive method. This is guaranteed, among others, by:

  • cold ultrasounds – their controlled time prevents tissue damage caused by overheating
  • selective cell damaging – the equipment emits ultrasounds, which by means of vibrations disintegrate fat cells and there is no risk of damaging adjacent tissues.
  • temperature increases gradually, radio waves penetrate deeper tissues and reach the layers in which fat cells are located

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