There are a lot of fascinating reactions which take place in a human’s body. One of them is a spontaneous process of regeneration of damaged cells and tissues. Aesthetic medicine makes use of this fact in order to ensure naturally youthful and beautiful appearance to patients. At FABSKIN in Warsaw we offer the PRP rejuvenating treatment to our patients. During the process of woond healing, proteins are produced responsible for the reconstruction of cells. Platelet-rich plasma consists of three proteins: fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin. Platelet-rich plasma contains cells and proteins of our own blood, due to which damaged cells can regenerate themselves. Patients obtain younger, smoother and fresher skin and all this is achieved thanks to active growth of stem cells.

What does the treatment look like?

The treatment at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw consists of three stages. First, the areas which require regeneration are determined and the treatment schedule is developed. A patient is sure that the performed treatment will be safe and its results will be satistfying.

Then the doctor draws a small amount of blood from the patient (a dozen ml) with the help of a special needle in order to avoid the contact of the doctor with the blood. The blood is processed. During this process platelet-rich plasma is removed. As a result we obtain some mililitres of plasma. Then an active component is added and we obtain platelet-rich plasma which can be used for the treatment.

NOTICE! The blood drawn and transformed to PRP at the aesthetic dermatology centre FABSKIN is completely safe and it is not subject to virus infection. There is no risk of allergy of immunologic reactions.

The second stage of the treatment is based on giving the platelet-rich plasma in the previously determined areas of the patient’s body. The treatment may be carried out in two ways. The first one is mesotherapy, the second one is linear injection of the product to the wrinkles and skin folds.

The effects of the treatment

After the treatment the cells get a signal for regeneration. The skin restores, the tissues revitalize themselves, fibroblasts are enhanced to produce new collagen, new blood vessels are also created, and the stem cells are subject to activation. The patients notice:

  • the skin becomes younger and firmer
  • wrinkles are filled
  • acne scars are removed
  • dark cicles and crow’s feet are reduced
  • folds on the neck are smoothed
  • smoother hands
  • improvement of the skin structure and its tone

For whom?

The platelet-rich plasma treatment is recommended to patients who appreciate natural rejuvenating methods and those who have problems with allergy to components of other products.
The treatment is not recommended to people with blood disorders, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who have cancer or those who were treated with anticoagulants.

1 amp. / 2 amp. 700 / 900 zł 550 / 700 zł
DERMAPEN® + Platelet Rich Plasma Price Promotion
Face 900 zł 3 treatments = 770 zł per treatment
Neck 850 zł
Decolette 850 zł
Hands 750 zł
Face + neck 1200 zł
Face + neck + decolette 1400 zł
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Follow-up visit free

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