1. I had hyaluronic acid injected to the so called “valley of tears” about half a year ago. I had two treatments because changes were quite visible. I decided to have this treatment because my under eye holes started irritating me, and even my husband stated that I looked as if I were permanently tired. The treatment itself was fast and without any complications. I estimate the effect as at least very good. For people over 40 this is the best and the safest solution. A very good contact with the doctor is another great advantage.

Kasia K

2. At Fabskin I had a series of laser hair removal of legs and bikini area. The treatment was painless, preceded by measurements which determine individual dose of laser. The effect was visible after the first treatment, the hair grew slowly and its number decreased. I have completed a series of treatment using Vectum laser and I am extremely satisfied that I don’t have to remove hair everyday with a razor. I recommend the clinic and Karolina who performed the treatment. The ordor of burnt hair was the most unpleasant during the treatment, the rest is ablosutely positive. It is worth buying a package, the price is very attractive.

Dominika D.

3. I wanted to have a fuller face. It was important for me to have a natural effect and symmetry of the filling, so that not to look like a clown in a circus. The effect underwent my expectations. Rzepnikowski, MD performed soft lift treatment using hyaluronic acid, which fantastically modeled my face (I had uninteresting thin parts under the cheeks). After 5-6 days the difference was noticeable, a few months after the treatment the cheeks are firm and have nice volume. I would have this treatment again without a small hesitation, in the same clinic because I trust the doctor and his formulations, especially that the doctor showed me batch numbers and certificates of the substances he used for my treatment.

Justyna B.

4. Since I remembered I had had a problem with excessive sweating which caused an awful stress. The more stress the greater problem I had with excess sweating, it was like a circle. Different formulations and methods could bring temporary or little help. They could cause irritation to my skin! I decided to try excessive sweating treatment with botox. I booked an appointment. My first impression was positive – the clinic is beautiful and looked professional, kind staff, patient and understanding doctor Rzepnikowski. So, I made my mind. The treatment itself was a bit stressful, but I think it is just my personal quality. Now I can wear whatever I want and do not worry when I have to take my jacket off. I recommend it to everyone who has the same problem, it is worth it. Any cosmetic would not help the same.

Kamil S.

5. Together with a friend of mine we made an appointment for lipolysis treatment of chin. Her work friend had lipolysis done at Fabskin and recommended this clinic. The doctor warned us that the results would be different depending of individual factors. So I was prepared that it might not be a revelation. The treatment itself was OK, a lot of care and feeling that I was in good hands. After the lipolysis I was a bit swollen and achy, but it was not a nightmare. Generally, I can recommend the treatment. I have noticeable effects after the third treatment, so it is worth suffering a bit.

Agnieszka W.

6. I have always dreamed about fuller and firmer lips, like stars and celebrities have. Unfortunately, the nature did not give me expressive lips, and playing with liners and lipsticks was not a good idea for me (they looked unnatural or smudged). When I consulted doctor Rzepnikowski, he assured me that the effect would be absolutely natural. However, I was worried until the end. I took a picture “before”, so that I would be able to compare. And I must admit that my dreams came true! My lips are miraculous! When I look at the picture “before” and “after”, I notice a significant difference. 100% natural effect! And the treatment was absolutely painless because doctor Rzepnikowski anaesthetized me the same as at the dentist’s. As for me, the treatment is worth any price. I recommend it to every woman who dreams about symmetric and full lips.

Ula C.

7. I had diode laser hair removal performed at Fabskin. I am after the treatment and I share my opinion about it. Once I read negative opinions abour laser hair removal. People say it is painful and the results are weak. I had my legs and the bikini line done. I would like to say that this laser is fantastic. It cools during the treatment, so nothing hurts and it doesn’t last long. I had a lot of hair, so I am really happy to have smooth skin. My sister envies me, maybe I’ll surprise her and buy a series of treatments.

Beata T.

8. I had the thread lift treatment. I am over 40, so wrinkles and drooping cheeks are becoming more and more noticeable. I am against the scalpel, but I willingly undergo minimally invasive treatments. And here is my first positive surprise – small bruises after the treatment which quickly disappeared. Apart from that no other side effects. And the result? I would say it is worth its price. I was satisfied with the care, the doctor was very polite and explained everything with great patience. They really know what they do. The threads really rejuvenate.

Bogusława K.

9. For many years I have had a problem with teeth grinding. Dentists systematically repair my damaged enamel at least every half a year. At night when I sleep I use occlusal splints which are enough for three months. I’ve been looking for help in many places and nobody could find a proper solution. However, at Fabdent the doctor in cooperation with doctor Rzepnikowski suggested botox treatment for me. A satisfying result was achieved after two treatments. The muscles became relaxed and the occlusal splints are enough for many months, and the fillings do not need to be replaced so often as it used to be.

Dorota A.

10. My doctor planned a real combo for my acne scars. I had TCA peel in three treatments over a period of time. I also had pixel peel from dermapen. I would say that it was sort of difficult between the treatments, but I had a strong motivation because my skin looked awful. After the treatment when the skin cured the improvement was about 80%. My face was at last smooth, soft, without scars and awful marks (and what is the best – no holes on my face!). Simply new me. It was a bit painful, sometimes I avoided people because my skin was peeling and blushing. But now I am extremely satisfied as the difference is great. And condidence is priceless.

Dagmara Z.

11. At Fabskin I had the scalp treatment using mesotherapy. My problem is hair loss. Once I tried dermatologic treatment. However, the results were not satisfying (I had hormonal treatment). I did not have any home therapy, as it was possible to get fungi. My therapy at Fabskin lasted for several months. Doctor Rzepnikowski carried out a series of treatments using platelet-rich plasma and carboxytherapy. The only disadvantage is that punctures are unpleasant, the scalp becomes sensitive. However, after the second treatment I lost much less hair while washing and brushing. I appreciate the clinic and the staff – the treatment was very effective. So, I am totally FOR.

Tadeusz K.

12. I had a medical peel at Fabskin. The doctors, care and the clinic, everything is very positive. My main problem was connected with acne scars and brown patches after using sunbeds. The sunbeds were to hide the scars and unfortunately, after some years my complexion became spotted. After the first treatment the skin was brighter, and after the second one it became smoother. After the fourth time the scars started disappearing. All in all I had 6 TCA treatments. The improvement is considerable and permanent. As for me, it is an enormous relief. I don’t have to put on tons of makeup and hide behind them. The peels are not so much painful, sometimes you may feel burning or the face becomes red, but it is bearable.

Basia D.

13. I didn’t have any complications. I had enough of the so called “marionette lines”, so I went to a consultation to Fabskin. I was offered hyaluronic acid fillings in the cheeks area and nasolabial folds. Previously my 44-year-old friend had a treatment performed by doctor Rzepnikowski and she was extremely satisfied. I had local cream anaesthesia, the treatment lasted for about 10 minutes. I didn’t notice any effects at once, at least I didn’t see anything, but the doctor told me to wait. And after about 2 weeks I saw in the mirror that the folds became smaller and the effect was satisfying.

Zofia J.

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