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Every day thousands of people have mesotherapy performed. This treatment is considered to be a part of natural medicine. Since 1952 mesotherapy has been used in medicine both in Europe and other parts of the world. Mesotherapy helps in treatment of many injuries and illnesses. It is an ideal solution related to the lack of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the body. Thanks to mesotherapy it is possible to restore their value with a minimal invasion into the body.

In aesthetic medicine mesotherapy is used in the following cases:

  • mesotherapy in skin aging treatment
  • mesotherapy in body slimming
  • mesotherapy in cellulite treatment
  • mesotherapy in baldness treatment

Advantages of needles mesotherapy at Fabskin Warsaw:

  • this treatment is safe, it is an alternative for invasive beauty treatments
  • it delivers vitamins, minerale and amino acids directly inside the skin where they nourish and rejuvenate it with the highest degree of efficiency
  • it stimulates metabolism and production of collagen and elastin in the body

After the treatment patients can notice that their skin is much firmer, it is more relaxed and radiant. Mesotherapy can be combined with other aesthetic dermatological treatments such as peel, botox, acids and local treatments.

For whom is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is ideal for different areas of the body, such as neck, legs, abdomen, shoulders and arms. This treatment is often used in Europe by women over 30. However, there are no contraindications for younger people to complement their body with lost vitamins and minerals and enjoy youthful appearance for a longer period of time. Mesotherapy is also good for people who have contraindications for other rejuvenating treatments and for people who reduce their adipose tissue. Patients usually treat well medications given during mesotherapy.

How does it work?

Needle mesotherapy (Warsaw, Fabskin) is a treatment based on injecting medications into the areas determined as problematic (adipose tissue, skin of the face). In both cases of treatment of soft areas of the skin of the face, neck and decolette and in fighting against excessive fat, the medication is injected in legs, thights, buttocks and abdomen. The product contained in the needle is a microdose of nourishing substances such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals. The substances and doses are chosen by the doctor after a consultation with a patient and initial diagnosis. Some components are active against aging and other are good in fighting the fat. Needles used in mesotherapy are thin and are of different length depending on how deep a doctor should imply the medication.

Side effects

Like every aesthetic treatment, mesotherapy can have minor, temporary side effects. The injections are not painful, and at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN anasthetic creams are additionally applied before the injection. After the treatment patients may feel a minor pain in the site of the injection which lasts for a few days, discolorations of the skin, swellings and bruises.

Mesotherapy in Warsaw has its best effects when the treatment is repeated according to the schedule prepared by the doctor for individual needs of a patient.

Price list mezotherapy

Mezotherapy Price Promotion
Teosyal Redensity – 1ml / 3ml 700 / 1300 zł
Princess Rich – 1ml 600 zł
NCTF HA – 1 amp 400 zł
Dermaheal HSR – 1 amp 400 zł
Light Eyes – dark circles / eye bags 300 zł
Platelet Rich Plasma 1 amp. / 2 amp. 700 / 900 zł 550 / 700 zł
Biocare Stretchcare– 1 amp 400 zł
Platelet Rich Plasma 1 amp. / 2 amp. 700 / 900 zł 550 / 700 zł
CELLULITE Price Promotion
ALIDYA – 1 amp. – NEW! 400 zł 3 amp. 950 zł
8 amp. 2199 zł
Biocare Cellucare 1 amp. 400 zł
Dermaheal LL – 1 amp. 400 zł
(face, neck decolette , hands)
Price Promotion
Restylane Vital – 1 ml 700 zł 599 zł
R-Fine – 2 ml 600 zł
Juvederm Hydrate – 1ml 600 zł
Teosyal Redensity – 1ml / 3ml 700 / 1300 zł
Stylage HydroMax – 1 ml 700 zł
Biocare Haircare–1 amp 400 zł
Dermaheal HL– 1 amp 400 zł
Platelet Rich Plasma 700 zł 550 zł
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