Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy is also used in prevention and treatment of baldness. Mesotherapy is a highly efficient treatment for different areas of the body as due to application and complementation of components it solves the problems of discolorations, swelling, cellulite and baldness. The treatment is more successful if it is carried out in series according to the schedule developed by a medical specialist. At the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw the treatment of mesotherapy for the head is effective and it is at good price.

zabieg mezoterapia włosów

Before the treatment

Two weeks before the mesotherapy you should stop taking aspirin, and a few hours before the procedure anesthetic cream should be applied at the site of injection in order to minimize unpleasant feeling. A few days before the treatment it is recommended to rub products with Vitamin K into the skin, which prevent bleeding and swelling.

Hair loss treatment

If you experience excessive hair loss or your hair is becoming weaker, it is recommended to undergo series of injections which restore minerals, vitamins and provide with anti-inflammatory drugs which nourish hair much better than other cosmetic products. They prevent hair loss and cause its regrowth. During the procedure such substances are injected as organic silica, minoxidil, dexpanthenol and trace elements.

The doctor at FABSKIN centre will also recommend a diet and other possibilities which will enhance hair nourishing for a longer period of time.


  • Prevents hair loss
  • Alopecia

56 active elements:

13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 5 minerals, 4 coenzymes, 4 nucleic acids, 2 reducing agents

4 biomimetic peptides:

Decapeptide – 4 (CG-IDP2): strenthen hair, stimulates hair follicles to produce long hair shafts

Acetyl Decapeptide – 3 (Rejuline): revitalizes hair follicles regenerating hair cells

Oligopeptide – 24 (Keramin 1): stimulates proliferation and migration of hair cells

Copper Tripeptide – 1 (CG – Peptyd Miedzi): strenthens hair and stimulates follicles to build hair shaft, enhances microcirculation in the scalp and regenerates follicles

Application: scalp

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