The contemporary canon of beauty requires well-groomed and elegant women to have perfectly smooth legs. There is a number of ways that help to remove unwanted hair – waxing, sugar paste, epilator or the most common of all – a razor. By using them we can get rid of hair, however the effect will last for long. What is more, those methods can at times be painful, the skin may become red and unsightly spots may appear. Keeping perfectly smooth legs using the classic methods is also very time-consuming, as it requires precision and patience. Fabskin aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw caters for the needs of modern women and offers its patients laser leg hair removal.

Why is it worth to choose laser hair removal?

The biggest benefit of laser leg hair removal is comfort – unwanted hair can be removed for many years and you can enjoy perfectly smooth legs for longer. The procedure is pain-free and non-invasive. Classic hair removal with the use of a razor can be burdensome, since in order to keep your legs silky smooth, the procedure must be repeated every few days. For the best results, it is recommended to perform 3 to 6 laser sessions with Palomar VECTUS diode laser.

Before laser leg hair removal

The first laser leg hair removal is preceded by a consultation with a specialist who takes a medical history, assesses the condition and the type of the skin and hair. Usually the so-called laser test is conducted to see how the laser affects a given skin type. Around 4 weeks before the first planned laser hair removal session, legs should be protected from the sun. It is also forbidden to use sunbeds in this time. On the day of the procedure, no lotions or perfumed cosmetics can be used. In order to achieve the best effects of laser leg hair removal, hair should be 1-2 mm long, therefore, depending on the selected hair removal method, it is crucial to stop removing your hair sufficiently in advance (persons who use razors should stop shaving 1-2 days before the procedure, however, persons who remove hair using wax or sugar paste should stop to remove hair at least one month before the laser procedure).

After laser leg hair removal

Laser leg hair removal is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure. Immediately after the procedure patients are able to return to their normal daily activities and do not have to resign from their normal activities. Usually after the procedure some swelling and redness may appear, which are a natural reaction of the skin and subside from a few hours after treatment up to 3 days (depending on the patient). It is important to take a good care of your skin and treat it delicately. Do not use soap or deo-cosmetics. It is recommended to use odorless gel or wash your legs with clean water as well as use a soothing cream, e.g. with allantoin. For the period of two weeks after the procedure, clients should not tan their legs, use a sauna, sunbeds or take hot baths.

Contraindications for laser leg hair removal

Before a hair removal procedure, our specialists will explain all possible side effects, answer any and all questions as well as present frequent contraindications, which include:
– pregnancy,
– any skin allergies,
– diabetes,
– albinism,
– fresh suntan,
– psoriasis,
– pacemaker,
– photodermatitis,
– some herbs and medicines.

Ears200 zł100 zł
Bikini300 zł150 zł
Deep Bikini400 zł200 zł
Bikini + underarms700 zł350 zł
Man’s Bikini540 zł270 zł
Chin200 zł100 zł
Nipples200 zł100 zł
Belly350 zł175 zł
Hands200 zł100 zł
Upper lip150 zł75 zł
Chest400 zł200 zł
Calf350 zł175 zł
Calf + underarms + bikini900 zł450 zł
Legs + underarms + bikini1000 zł500 zł
Underarms250 zł125 zł
Back500 zł250 zł
Men’s back700 zł350 zł
Rear250 zł125 zł
Forearms300 zł150 zł
Arms300 zł150 zł
Feet200 zł100 zł
Neck250 zł125 zł
Thigh450 zł225 zł
Thigh + Calf800 zł400 zł
Thigh (inside)350 zł280 zł

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