IPL is a modern and safe device that allows to effectively reduce many skin changes. It operates on the basis of selective photothermolysis, in which light beams reach damaged tissues, with no interactions at the same time with healthy tissues. It is way rosacea can be effectively treated. Light beams are produced by a xenon lamp, and their intensity and length depends on individual settings, which are selected to match the patient and their condition. The safety is ensured by appropriate filters in the IPL laser, which are responsible for the wave length, also radiation power is defined beforehand, therefore IPL acne treatments are very safe if they are conducted in a professional medical centre. The procedures can be conducted as often as acne appears. In order to achieve a satisfactory improvement, 3-4 procedures are performed at appropriate intervals.

IPL laser treatment for rosacea

Rosacea is a dermatological and medical disease. It occurs in every tenth person and most often affects persons with light skin color. Persons with rosacea are usually between the age of 30-55. Rosacea often appears together with capillary problems and is classified as vasomotor neurosis of the skin. A visible symptom of rosacea is telangiectasias and erythema. Some lumps and pimples may appear, rarely transformation of soft tissues.

Common causes of rosacea include:

  • Vasomotor disorders, including:
  • Photodermatitis
  • Use of artificial radiation exposure
  • Oversensitivity to weather conditions
  • Using stimulants
  • Consumption of sensitizing foods
  • Corticosteroids
  • Sensitizing cosmetics
  • Excessive stress
  • Gastric disorders, including:
  • Anemia
  • Gastritis
  • Constipation
  • Skin changes due to improper diet
  • Bacterial infections
  • Demodex infections

A contraindication for laser acne treatment is natural or artificial suntan, as well as pharmacological treatment. Every patient will be interviewed by the doctor who will subsequently decide whether an IPL treatment can be safely conducted.

Before and after a laser rosacea treatment (with IPL)

Before the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from tanning, at least 4 weeks before, as well as discontinue photosensitizing medicines. After the procedure, both natural and artificial light exposure should be avoided. Creams with a high UV factor should be used, while fragrant substances, alcohol and unwanted chemistry should be avoided. It is best to use delicate moisturizing products for persons with an allergy. If redness or swelling appear, delicate compresses should be applied to sensitive areas. Patients affected by rosacea should avoid drugstore cosmetics, frequent washing and drying of the skin, disposable towels for cleansing the pathologically changed skin, colorful make-ups, spicy food, intensive sun exposure, excessive cold and strong wind.

Area Price Promotion
Nose 150 zł
Forehead 250 zł
Cheeks 400 zł
Face 600 zł When buying 3 treatments cost per one treatment = 499zł
Neck 450 zł
Decolette 500 zł
Face + neck 800 zł
Face + neck + decolette 1000 zł When buying 3 treatments cost per one treatment = 799zł
Arms 800 zł
Forearms 900 zł
Hands 400 zł

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