Erythema most often affects the face, including the cheeks, the nose, the forehead and the beard. It is caused by transformations in the capillary system and may result in more serious ailments, such as rosacea. Therefore, early recognition and fast treatment are so important. Delicate vessels require special care. They expand easily and lead to creation of the so-called spider veins. We are not able to control our nervous system responsible for a faster blood flow and occurrence of erythema, however, we can adapt the preventive treatments, such as a therapy performed with the use of Alma laser with DYE-VL, which helps to control erythema and prevent its transformation and development.

Causes of erythema:

  • Susceptible skin
  • Disturbed nervous system
  • Frequent blushing
  • Susceptibility to stress
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Impact of frost, sun and wind
  • Excessive emotionality
  • Dilated capillaries
  • Delicate vessels
  • Allergies
  • Over-heating or freezing

IPL LASER treatment of erythema

In our aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw we effectively treat vascular lesions, using state-of-the-art laser equipment with longer and shorter emitted light waves. Persons who qualify for the procedure are those who suffer from erythema, skin discoloration, pigment changes, rosacea and port-wine stain. A specialist, examining the laser-treated skin will determine the necessary scope of parameters of light impulses, between 500 and 800nm. Our state-of-the-art IPL lasers use compilations of filters to deliver the most optimal light beams directly to the melanin and hemoglobin in the skin. As a result, discolorations, pigment changes and erythema re removed from the skin.

Erythema is treated with the use of state-of-the-art and world-wide recognized IPL lasers with intelligent pigment recognition systems, which can set the program automatically, are equipped with technologies which secure the treatment, cool the skin and ensure the patient with the highest comfort and incredible efficiency. Such procedures are basically pain-free, do not require a convalescence period, a patient may quickly return to their normal daily activities.

Laser treatment of erythema – before, during and after the procedure

Before an IPL laser erythema treatment a doctor takes medical history of a patient in order to establish whether the treatment is advisable and safe. Next, individual features of a patient, such as skin color, pigment content, size and pathological conditions as well as number of discolorations are assessed. Thanks to a detailed and thorough analysis, a doctor is able to select the appropriate light beam, which will effectively treat the erythema and at the same time, guarantee full safety.

During the procedure, a patient’s skin will be specially cleansed in the treated areas. Next, eyes are covered with special protection and a protective gel is applied to the treated areas. A patient, lying comfortably does not feel any pain, only slight burning due to the heat of a light impulse sent through the laser. The highest level of comfort is ensured by specially designed cooling end at the laser head. In fact, the procedure may be as pleasant as a massage performed with heat!

After a laser treatment of erythema, a patient may return to their normal activities. It is crucial to remember that up to one month after laser erythema treatment, sunbathing and artificial tanning should be avoided. The skin in the treated area should be protected with high sunscreen factors and moisturized with appropriate products. Patients should avoid alcohol-based cosmetics that dry out the skin, expose it to strong wind or frost, avoid substances and products that irritate the skin. Moreover, up to 2 weeks after the treatment, it is recommended not to use any deep peels and other treatments that may damage the sensitive skin.

Contraindications for a laser erythema treatment

Like in the case of other aesthetic treatments, laser erythema treatment may cause side effects. In order to avoid or minimize them, it is important to take into account the following contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Photodermatitis
  • Use of some medicines and herbs
  • Retinoid therapy
  • Open wounds and epidermis cracks
  • Recently undergone surgeries
  • Diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Albinism
  • Active skin allergies
  • Tendency to develop keloids
  • Using medicines that reduce blood coagulability
  • Epilepsy
  • Dark suntan
  • Alcohol in the body

Erythema is not only a medical problem, but it also entails ill disposition and discomfort. For higher self-esteem and mental state it is recommended to remove erythema. The fantastic ALMA lasers come to rescue.

Price list erythema removal

Area Price Promotion
Nose 150 zł
Forehead 250 zł
Cheeks 400 zł
Face 600 zł When buying 3 treatments cost per one treatment = 499zł
Neck 450 zł
Decolette 500 zł
Face + neck 800 zł
Face + neck + decolette 1000 zł When buying 3 treatments cost per one treatment = 799zł
Arms 800 zł
Forearms 900 zł
Hands 400 zł

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