Stretching of the tissues results in appearance of scars on the outer skin, i.e. unsightly stretch marks. They usually take a linear direction and spread around the stomach, buttocks, thighs, hips, breasts, shoulders and back. They are initially red or pink and with time, they become unnaturally white and mar the body. In order to successfully remove stretch marks, ill tissues must be removed and replaced with a new and better structure. The visible results include entire or partial disappearance of stretch marks, smoothing out of the skin, its bleaching and higher elasticity. In ALMA iPixel ER:YAG laser therapy we use modern filters, which precisely attack ill cells through microdamage in their area. It forces the body to produce collagen, while new and healthy cells replace the old ones. A laser energy beam is selected by the equipment during measurements to match individual needs of the patient. It allows to selectively and precisely press damaged cells and not to affect those healthy ones, which take part in reconstruction of the intercellular structure. Laser stretch marks removal is a minimally invasive procedure, particularly safe and it does not require a long period of convalescence.

Results of a laser stretch marks removal with ALMA iPixel ER:YAG

A stretch marks removal treatment with ALMA iPixel ER:YAG is conducted on a healthy person. The best results are achieved when fresh pink or red stretch marks are treated with a laser therapy. Using properly selected ALMA iPixel ER:YAG light beams, we can entirely remove them from the skin and leave it tighter and visibly more beautiful. We are able to reduce old, china-white stretch marks and make them barely visible. The effect lasts for 1-2 years, after this time, a patient can undergo another therapy. Depending on the needs, we perform treatments periodically (1-6 treatments), every few weeks. We can observe the results of complete smoothing and skin condition improvement a few – a dozen or so weeks after the treatment. The repair processes take place in deep skin layers, and increased production of collagen rejuvenates the places treated with laser stretch marks removal. Immediately after the laser therapy with ALMA iPixel ER:YAG the skin may be red and swollen. For 1-2 days we apply soothing compresses and cooling ointments. For the next 5-7 days we use moisturizing ointments, since in this time the skin peels off intensively. For the next few weeks we should apply creams with a high SPF and UV protection factor. Chemical and acid peels should be avoided. No chemical substances and perfumes should be applied to the skin. Sunbeds, excessive sun exposure, spicy dishes and medical as well as herbal treatments must also be avoided. In order to make the effects of the stretch marks removal last for longer and ensure an even better skin care, we may use complementary treatments, such as DERMAPEN treatments combined with TCA (trichloroacetic) peel or platelet-rich plasma, stem cells. This will stimulate the body to regenerate and revitalize tissues.

Contraindications for laser stretch marks removal

Contraindications for a stretch marks removal procedure are similar to other laser treatments. Chemical peels and medicines with retinoids should be avoided before the procedure. Avoid sunbathing, sunbeds, saunas and discontinue any stimulants. Contraindications for laser stretch marks removal include:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • retinoid therapy
  • recently undergone surgeries
  • tendency to form keloids
  • photodermatitis
  • using photosensitive herbs
  • skin diseases
  • active allergies
  • damage of treated skin
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • leukemia
  • reduced immunity of the body

After a laser stretch marks removal treatment with ALMA iPixel ER:YAG it is important to consistently moisturize your skin. Avoid sunbathing, keep a balanced diet, stay physically active, use massages and revitalizing treatments. We can then enjoy beautiful, smooth and radiant skin after a few years. Take care of yourself and your skin will return a beautiful look for long years for that!

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