Laser scar removal is one of the most effective treatments. It allows to fully cover unsightly spots on the skin and reduce their visibility for many years. The procedure is at the same time very safe and does not require a long period of convalescence or entails much of side effects. The innovative Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG laser, which allows to effectively remove scars operates by emitting light beams at changed cells, where they are selectively damaged. Next, healthy cells recognize the regeneration process to replace the reduced tissues. The new structure is stronger, better and allows to cover unsightly scars. The revolutionary Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG laser operates selectively. It does not affect healthy cells, therefore, it does not damage them. It is a safe method of removing scars. Skin damage regenerates within a few weeks and new skin is brighter, more elastic and visibly healthier. The procedure can be used on every body part. Laser scar removal is not painful and lasts from a few to less than 20 minutes. Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG laser helps patients to get rid of the problem, which prevents them from feeling attractive and is usually the result of an accident or treatment.

Who is laser scar removal for?

In FABSKIN centre in Warsaw we remove scars which appeared as a result of an accident, burns, are a result of acne, skin damage and post-surgery scars. The best effects can be achieved with “fresh” red or pink scars, while white, old scars react worse to the therapy. However, even they can still be treated with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG. In our aesthetic medicine centre we perform from 1 up to 6 laser therapy treatments to remove scars. Treatments take place in cycles at a few-week intervals until satisfactory effects are achieved. Scars are not entirely removed and may become more visible due to ageing skin, loss of its elasticity, ageing of the skin when all changes, not only scars become more visible. A laser therapy can be repeated for a few years, depending on the needs. Harmony laser perfectly removes acne scars, which often mar the faces of young people. Laser therapy, like scars, treats skin changes, such as cellulite. The best results are achieved by fighting fresh skin, however, good effects can be achieved at every stage of cellulite changes.

Your physician will inform you about contraindications for laser scar removal. Persons who decide for the procedure should know basic contraindications for scar removal, which include:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Excessive tanned skin
  • Photodermatitis
  • Active skin allergies
  • Leukemia
  • Epilepsy
  • Skin allergies
  • Recently undergone surgeries
  • Taking photoactive medications and herbs
  • Retinol therapies
  • Skin cancer
  • Chemical peels and some cosmetic treatments undergone a few weeks before the procedure.
  • Reduced immunity of the body
  • keloid

Before and after scar and cellulite removal treatment

Before laser scar removal with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG laser, it is recommended to avoid sun tanning and to apply high sunscreen factors. Patients should discontinue photosensitizing medicines and herbs of similar effects (Saint John’s wort). Also chemical peels and other treatments that affect the skin are not recommended before the procedure. We avoid treatments with acids and products that contain retinoids.

Directly after the scar removal procedure, the skin is red and swollen. A few days after the procedure, cooling compresses are used in addition to high SPF and UV factors throughout the entire time of the treatment. For 5-7 days the skin may become darker and peel off intensively. The skin regeneration process lasts up to a few dozens of weeks. We can then observe the final effects of laser therapy. Procedures are repeated until the best results are achieved. Harmony laser is equipped with a cooling head, which minimizes the feeling of pain during the procedure. To ensure even higher comfort of the patient, a cooling gel may be applied to the treated area.

After the comprehensive laser therapy Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG scars and cellulite will be entirely removed from the skin and the effect will last for to a few years. The result depends on an individual and depends on the age and condition of a patient’s skin. The skin is visibly more elastic, brighter and does not have any stains or discolorations. Patients can enjoy a more attractive looks and proudly show their body. Say goodbye to scars, stretch marks and cellulite. Arrange a treatment with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG laser.

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Laser acne scar removal 800 – 1200 zł
Laser stretch mark removal 800 – 1200 zł
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