Laser hair removal is currently the most popular aesthetic treatment for both men and women. Contrary to other treatments of excessive hair removal only laser epilation is completely safe, it is used for permanent hair removal destroying hair follicles and preventing it from regrowing.

Laser hair removal

At our centre of laser therapy in Warsaw we use the most modern and safe methods of laser epilation, thanks to which patients can quickly and for a long time enjoy their silky skin. Gradually common methods of hair removal are being moved away, such as hot waxing, cold waxing, electrolysis, shaving, because these methods give you comfort for a short time and can be associated with unnecessary pain, redness, allergy, swelling, itching, skin dryness, skin spots, growing new hair in different places and burdensome ingrown hair. Instead of it you can undergo a modern and comfortable treatment of laser hair removal.

Which parts of body can be applied to laser hair removal?

Laser epilation is an excellent alternative for all known methods of hair removal. We can use it even to sensitive parts of face and intimate parts. Of course, it can be used to remove hair from legs, back, chest, underarms, forearms and hands.

We recommend laser therapy to all patients who would like to remove hair permanentny. The skin becomes smooth at once and for good!

Palomar VECTUS diode laser– probably the most efficient diode lase in the world

This is intelligent diode laser thanks to which we can get rid of hair permanentny at different parts of the body. It has Skintel melanine reader – technology which recognizes the level of melanine, thanks to which it selects a particular programme and individual settings for a particular person undergoing the treatment. In practice it means an ideal match of the program and the best diode laser epilation.

VECTUS Palomar diode laser recognizes melanine in the follicle and emits the beam into it. The beam targets the external part of the hair and then penetrates inside the skin to internal hair matrix destroying it. This dead hair cannot regrow, which guarantees efficient and permanent epilation. The VECTUS Palomar laser affects about 1/3 of noticeable hair, which is currently growing. Laser epilation treatment should be repeated several times in order to activate the rest of the hair which we would like to remove.

What characterises VECTUS Palomar diode laser?

VECTUS Palomar diode laser, which is used for hair removal, uses modern measurers and when it is applied to the skin it detemins the level of energy. This guaragtees that even when the highest parameters are set the laser will be safe for the skin. Innovative diode laser construction makes that it works the fastest and the most efficient in its category. The VECTUS diode laser treatment lasts for a few minutes, an intelligent programmer allows avoidance of burns even in the case of red and blond hair which is difficult to revome.

Palomar VECTUS diode laser is considered to be the fastest, the most efficient and the most modern system of laser epilation. It permanently removes hair and it is also used to remove discolorations. Patients do not have to worry about their skin after epilation, VECTUS diode laser guarantees comfort and efficiency. High class technology Advanced Contact Cooling cools the selected parts of the body during the laser hair removal treatment, before and after the beam is emitted. This system is located in the head of the device. During the treatment patients can feel relaxed. Photon Recycling technology is another news in laser epilation, it makes that the beam reflected from the body is reused. The treatment is more economical and saves energy, that is why it is environmentally friendly.

About the VECTUS Palomar diode laser treatment

Before laser hair removal patients are informed about the treatment which consists of:

  • Use of inteligent Skintel technology to determine the level of melanine in the skin.
  • Setting the device to safe parameters.
  • Selecting a suitable head depending of the part of the body at which the treatment is carried out.
  • Use of VECTUS diode laser with wave lengh of 810 nm.
  • During the treatment the laser head with a safe sapphire glass ending is applied to the skin and the beam is emitted from external to internal part of the hair.
  • Patients do not feel excessive heat because of technology which cools the device.
  • The treatment usually lasts for a few minutes.
  • Patients can get back to their everyday activity and make an appointment for the next treatment.

How often should laser epilation treatment be repeated?

Depending on the part of the body, laser epilation is repeated several times (3-6 times). Each another treatment is more efficient because it is applied to previously weakened hair. The most difficult to remove is hair with little amount of melanine (red, light-blonde). The Vectus Palomar laser therapy is repeated as follows:

  • Legs, every 8-10 weeks
  • Underarms, every 4-6 weeks
  • Bikini area, every 4-6 weeks
  • Back, every 8-10 weeks
  • Buttocks, every 8-10 weeks
  • Forearms, every 4-6 weeks
  • Face area, every 4-6 weeks
  • Hands, every 4-6 weeks

To learn more about laser epilation of of bikini area, please, visit the site Brazilian laser hair removal.

After the VECTUS Palomar diode laser treatment

Right after laser hair removal patients may return to their everyday activities. However, they should avoid saunas, suntanning, hot bathes and exfoliation treatments. If the skin becomes too dry or red, you may use cooling cream or wraps and compresses. For a certain period of time you may feel slight burning. However, you should not worry about it. For a few days some hair and its parts would fall out spontaneously. This is a natural process of getting rid of dead hair. Patients can experience a feeling as if their hair is growing. You should not remove the hair mechanically – it would fall out itself.

Contraindications for VECTUS Palomar diode laser hair removal

As before every aesthetic treatment you should consult the doctor in order to discuss your condition and possible contraindications of a particular treatment. Before laser epilation our specialists employed at FABSKIN will tell you about side effects and will advise alternative methods of hair removal if there are any factors unfavourable for laser depilation.

The most common contraindications for laser hair removal are:

  • Retinoids treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin allergies
  • Fresh suntan
  • Keloid
  • Diabetis
  • Albinism
  • Psoriasis
  • Epilepsy
  • Damaged epidermis
  • Anticoagulants medication
  • Birthmarks
  • Some herbs and drugs
  • Photosensitization
  • Recent surgery

Preparation for laser hair removal

About a month before the laser hair removal it is necessary to stop sunbathing the part of the body which would be treated. It refers to both sunbathing and suntanning. Patients at the day of the treatment do not have to moisturize epidermis or use perfumed cosmetics. Depending on the thickness and colour of your hair you should stop removing it some time before the treatment. For better effects of laser hair removal hair should be 1-2 mm long. If you wax the hair, the last waxing should be performed a month before the treatment. If you use a razor, the hair should be shaved a day before the treatment. Vectus Palomar hair removal is the most effective in the period of hair growth. Learn more how to get prepared to Brazilian laser hair removal.

Why is it more difficult to remove fair hair, and why does hair still grow after laser hair removal?

Diode laser affercts melanine, that is hair colour. In red and fair hair there is less melanine than in dark hair, that is why it is more difficult to remove it and it requires a greater number of treatments than in the case of dark hair in order to obtain similar results. VECTUS Palomar diode laser affects follicles with the use of heat. They are not removed mechanically, but their bulbs are destroyed. Such hair is often in epidermis and to remove it the body requires several weeks. Patients sometimes think that their hair grows, however, it grows in order to fall out.

Welcome to our laser therapy centre in Warsaw where we have the most modern device for permanent hair removal – Vectus Palomar diode laser.

Depilation and epilation – what is the difference?

Depilation and epilation are two notions which are often confused and used interchangeably. However, these are two different things. The maid difference is that depilation is a treatment based on temporary hair removal and epilation is permanent hair removal. Depilation can among others be performed at home (e.g. shaving, waxing, sugar paste) or at beauty centres, for example photoepilation (getting rid of hair for a few years). In epilation laser is also used, however, it is performed at medical centres by professionals.

Ears 200 zł 100 zł
Bikini 300 zł 150 zł
Deep Bikini 400 zł 200 zł
Bikini + underarms 700 zł 350 zł
Man’s Bikini 540 zł 270 zł
Chin 200 zł 100 zł
Nipples 200 zł 100 zł
Belly 350 zł 175 zł
Hands 200 zł 100 zł
Upper lip 150 zł 75 zł
Chest 400 zł 200 zł
Calf 350 zł 175 zł
Calf + underarms + bikini 900 zł 450 zł
Legs + underarms + bikini 1000 zł 500 zł
Underarms 250 zł 125 zł
Back 500 zł 250 zł
Men’s back 700 zł 350 zł
Rear 250 zł 125 zł
Forearms 300 zł 150 zł
Arms 300 zł 150 zł
Feet 200 zł 100 zł
Neck 250 zł 125 zł
Thigh 450 zł 225 zł
Thigh + Calf 800 zł 400 zł
Thigh (inside) 350 zł 280 zł
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