Excessive hairiness on the face is not a medical problem and it is not a symptom of a disease. Despite that, it has a high impact on the quality of our life and results in low self-confidence and ill disposition. Many women struggle with the problem of unwanted facial hair, mainly above the upper lip, the so-called lady moustache and beard. The problem is usually associated with excessive production of androgens and it is often what is left after the puberty. Patients who decide for laser hair removal confirm that unwanted hair is a big problem for them. Patients most often remove the moustache, beards, as well as facial hair on their cheeks and neck. An additional aspect which frustrates patients is the very activity of hair removal and the necessity of being systematic. Women who care about impeccable looks are forced to spend long hours on painful and unpleasant removal of unwanted facial hair. Although there are many facial hair removal methods (tweezers, razors, creams, wax) the unquestionably best method is laser facial hair removal. It is a pain-free and fast treatment that brings permanent and visible effects.

Who is laser facial hair removal for?

Laser facial hair removal is recommended to all women and men who are tired of the standard hair removal methods and wish to improve the quality of their life. Laser hair removal is more expensive than other treatments and requires a few sessions, but nevertheless, it is worth to invest in your own comfort and spectacular effects that last a long time. It is a patient that decides from which part of the face hair will be removed. The laser with which the procedure is conducted is a state-of-the-art and safe Palomar VECTUS laser prepared for removing hair from the most delicate parts of the body. Our clients very often use the facial hair removal option.

How often should a laser facial hair removal procedure be repeated?

Similarly, as in the case of other parts of the body, this treatment should be conducted a few times to achieve the best results. Depending on the hair type, its thickness and amount of melanin, 3 to 6 sessions are recommended to enjoy the comfort and lack of hair on the most visible place on the body – your face. There should be a 4-week to 6-week break between such sessions.

Contraindications for laser facial hair removal

Before a facial hair removal procedure, each patient is invited to a qualification meeting, during which our specialist tests the condition of the skin, the type of hair and answers any and all of your questions. The specialist will also inform you about all contraindications for laser hair removal, which include, among others:
– serious diseases (cancer),
– birthmarks,
– dark tan on the face,
– taking some medicines (antibiotics, stroids, hormones),
– blond, gray and red hair,
– in the case of women – pregnancy

Preparation for the treatment:

Before laser facial hair removal a few very important rules should be followed, among others:
– facial skin cannot be irritated,
– at least one month before the date of the treatment, hair should not be removed with a tweezer, wax and other methods that pluck hair out together with the root, but it is recommended to shave hair using a razor,
– a month before the procedure, no creams or ointments that contain vitamin A and C should be used,

After laser facial hair removal:

– temporary redness and swelling may appear,
– no cosmetics can be used,
– the face should be treated in a particularly delicate way,
– the face should be cleaned with water or alcohol-free cleansing milk,
– 2 weeks after the treatment it is recommended not to tan the face,
– it is not recommended to use swimming pools and saunas,
– a soothing cream, e.g. Alantan Plus can be applied.

Note: The procedure is not recommended for blond hair. The reasons for that is the lack of melanin, which results in low effectiveness of facial hair removal.

Before every procedure, a patient contacts our specialist who takes a medical history and dispels any and all doubts concerning the procedure.

Ears 200 zł 100 zł
Bikini 300 zł 150 zł
Deep Bikini 400 zł 200 zł
Bikini + underarms 700 zł 350 zł
Man’s Bikini 540 zł 270 zł
Chin 200 zł 100 zł
Nipples 200 zł 100 zł
Belly 350 zł 175 zł
Hands 200 zł 100 zł
Upper lip 150 zł 75 zł
Chest 400 zł 200 zł
Calf 350 zł 175 zł
Calf + underarms + bikini 900 zł 450 zł
Legs + underarms + bikini 1000 zł 500 zł
Underarms 250 zł 125 zł
Back 500 zł 250 zł
Men’s back 700 zł 350 zł
Rear 250 zł 125 zł
Forearms 300 zł 150 zł
Arms 300 zł 150 zł
Feet 200 zł 100 zł
Neck 250 zł 125 zł
Thigh 450 zł 225 zł
Thigh + Calf 800 zł 400 zł
Thigh (inside) 350 zł 280 zł

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