4 revolutionary treatments for beautiful looks. More youth, more health, more beauty. A unique combination of Dye-VL laser technologies, Accer Ultra V radio waves and iPixel.

The skin rarely tackles only one problem, most often as a result of one skin issue, new ones appear soon. In this way, the natural skin ageing process causes unsightly ailments, we want to fight. In the aesthetic medicine centre Fabskin we use combined power of the best laser treatments, joined in an intelligent regenerating and beautifying 360IQ program.

The program is based on top quality laser equipment Alma Harmony, which is among the leading lasers in aesthetic medicine. 360IQ program is conducted around the world. It has a positive opinion of FDA and can be used in the case of majority of healthy persons.

In Fabskin aesthetic dermatology centre, 360IQ program is conducted in the form of 12 procedures. Every technology is used 3 times to achieve the best possible results.

What effects can you expect starting the 360IQ program?

  • Natural lifting effect
  • Removal of discolorations
  • Unified skin color
  • Reduction of small and medium-sized wrinkles
  • Face profile shaping
  • Creation of new, healthier skin
  • Cellulite and stretch marks reduction
  • Scar discoloration
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Erythema reduction
  • Broken capillaries reduction
  • Skin smoothing
  • Skin firmness improvement
  • Removal of skin flabbiness
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Active production of elastin
  • Preparation of the body and face for cosmetic procedures

The cell structure becomes regenerated and increased production of collagen makes the skin more and more beautiful with every day. Active elastin makes the skin tighter, smoother and elastic.

What technologies are included in the 360IQ program?

Procedures are conducted on state-of-the-art Alma Harmony laser. The program consists of 4 technologies:

Dye – VL Technology Advanced pulsating light technology which treats skin discoloration, pigment changes and vessel problems. In this procedure light is emitted directly to hemoglobin and melanin. The length of a single impulse is 500-600nm, it is a safe scope, delicate for every skin. This form of light therapy of the skin precisely localizes and reduces a pigment or capillary problem. Effects are visible after every procedure. Treatment is pain-free and does not require a period of convalescence. Patients are advised not to expose the treated areas to intensive light and to use only delicate cleansing products.

RF Accer Ultra V technology is a unique technology of penetrating thin and deep skin layers using heat energy and initiating cold-heat vibration of molecules. This leads to lymphatic drainage and peeling off of damaged cells. They are removed from the body by natural physiological processes. The method does not affect healthy cells and does not damage body tissues. In this way we can get rid of skin flabbiness and restore its firmness. The procedure is painless and lasts less than twenty minutes. There is no need for convalescence period. It is also recommended for cellulite and skin structure improvement, as it stimulates skin cells for better metabolism and reconstruction of new, healthier skin.

Clearlift – non-invasive face lift laser. The most delicate face lift on the market. The first so effective skin lift even for persons with sensitive and delicate skin, prone to irritations. It effectively reduces discoloration and fine lines. It perfectly lightens up the skin, making it silky. This type of face lift can also be used on a sensitive skin area, such as skin around the eyes and mouth, neck, hands and neckline. A series of treatments optically rejuvenates the skin and lends it a healthy and youthful look. A face lift is pain-free, does not leave any marks, since skin regeneration takes places in its internal layers. Immediately after the procedure patients may return to their normal daily activities.

iPixel Technology. Painless removal of wrinkles, scars, irregularities? iPixel Technology can handle that perfectly thanks to its long energy beams that reach internal layers of the skin without affecting the epidermis. The skin after the treatment is visibly smoother and younger. iPixel treatment stimulates production of collagen in 3-6 ablative treatments with the use of Alma laser. A procedure lasts less than twenty minutes and its wonderful effects can be observed for many months.

Face lift without a scalpel. 360IQ laser therapy is for you!

Surgical procedures involve long periods of recovery, pain, infection and post-operational problems. Laser facelift eliminates all inconveniences and rejuvenates the skin in a non-invasive way, shaping the face in a natural way and removing discolorations and imperfections. Laser treatments can be used in majority of healthy patients. It is a smart decision for anyone who wishes to enjoy youthful looks for many years.

Only 60 days is enough! The 60 days with 360IQ laser program has been approved by FDA, it is safely conducted on thousands of people around the world. Arrange a consultation with our physician who will select the best treatment plan to match your requirements and skin problems.

Price list program 360iq

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