Wrinkle smoothing at FABSKIN Warsaw

Thanks to hyaluronic acid wrinkles can be easily and effectively corrected. You can have wrinkles smoothed professionally at FABSKIN, the aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw. Products containing hyaluronic acid are commonly used to smooth wrinkles. Wrinkles can also be reduced with the help of direct injections of pure hyaluronic acid into the skin, the effect is even better.

Hyaluronic acid in Warsaw. Reduction of wrinkles and firming

Hyaluronic acid is an ideal product used for firming and enlargement of lips, cheecks and face. It makes that your skin becomes radiant and vital. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin responsible for young look, its application is safe and can be regularly repeated. Hyaluronic acid is also responsible for a proper level of hydration of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid – a natural skin component

With aging, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases and its vitality becomed worse. There is nothing strange that the skin shows visible signs of aging and the decrease of hydration. This process gives the beginning to small wrinkles, which become deeper and deeper and difficult to get reduced. Wrinkles gradually become a human’s phenotype. The face transforms and droops as a result of losing valuable substances. Hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin and makes the face more beautiful.

Is hyaluronic acid safe?

The hyaluronic acid used at FABSKIN is totally safe and anti allergic. It is fully absorbed by the skin and guarantees 100% natural look. Patients should not worry about side effects of the treatment because there are not any of them (very rare some people react with a little oedema or bruising which disappears in a very short period of time). The injections are painless. However, if somebody is afraid of injections, we locally use anaesthetic cream which makes the treatment even more pleasurable. After the treatment patients can get back to their everyday activities (you should, however, avoid direct sunlight and low temperatures). Before each treatment pregnant and breastfeeding women have to consult the doctor. If you think you might be allergic to hyaluronic acid you should also consult your doctor.

Effects of the hyaluronic acid treatment at Fabskin in Warsaw.

The effects are immediate! They are noticeable after one treatment (which lasts up to 45 minutes). Thanks to regenerating properties of hyaluronic acid when the product is completely exhausted, the skin looks beamy. The treatment should be repeated according to the schedule consulted with the doctor. Usually, every 6-10 months. This period depends on the age of the patient, their skin condition, lifestyle, bad habits and cosmetics.

Before the planned treatment, please, contact our doctor in order to develop the most favourable aesthetic schedule and to get familiarized with the treatment.

The aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN guarantees satisfying effects of smoothing and reducing of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. Welcome to our centre in Warsaw.

Price list hyaluronic acid

FILLERS – Hialuronic Acid Price Promotion
Princess Volume – 1 ml 800 zł
Restylane – 1 ml 800 zł
Restylane Perlane – 1 ml 900 zł 700 zł
Juvederm ULTRA 2 – 1 amp. 0, 55 ml / 2 amp. 1,1 ml 600 / 1100 zł 2 amp. 999 zł
Juvederm ULTRA 3 – 0,8 ml 800 zł
Juvederm ULTRA 4 – 0,8 ml 900 zł
Juvederm Volift – technology VYCROSS 1 ml 1100 zł
Average amount of filler used per region: Naso-labial folds 1-2 ml, Marionette lines 1 ml, cheek bone augmentation2 ml, tear trough 0,5-1 ml
LIPS – Hialuronic Acid Price Promotion
Princess Volume – 1 ml 800 zł
Restylane Lip Volume – 1ml 800 zł
Emervel Lips 1 ml 800 zł
Juvederm ULTRA SMILE – 1 amp. 0, 55 ml /2 amp. 1,1ml 600 / 1100 zł 2 amp. 999 zł
Juvederm Volbella – technologia VYCROSS 1 ml 1100 zł
Juvederm ULTRA 2 – 1 amp. 0, 55 ml / 2 amp. 1,1 ml 600 / 1100 zł 2 amp. 999 zł
VOLUMETRIC TREATMENT – Volume correction, soft lift, cheek bones, jaw line
Price Promotion
Princess Volume – 1 ml 800 zł
Restylane Lip Volume – 1ml 800 zł
Restylane Sub Q – 2 ml 1900 zł
Juvederm Voluma – 1 ml / 2 ml 1200 / 2000 zł 1ml 999 zł
2ml 1799 zł
Emervel Volume 1ml 1200 zł
Stylage XL – 1 ml / 2 ml 1200 zł
Stylage XXL – 2,2 ml 1900 zł
Radiesse – 0,8ml / 1,5 ml 1200/ 1900 zł

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