Nowadays men more and more often take care of their looks. They go to the gym, follow a healthy diet and perform many treatments to look attractively both to themselves and to women. Currently, more and more treatments conducted in aesthetic medicine centres are treatments intended also for men. On of them is laser hair removal, which is a perfect treatment for well-groomed men who wish to get rid of unsightly hairs from different parts of their body. Palomar Vectus laser hair removal is no longer a treatment for women only. Not every man must look like a cover boy, but definitely all of them should take care of their looks. A smooth chest and back are the attributes of an attractive man.

Why is it worth to try laser hair removal?

Every man spends long hours shaving to feel more comfortable, hygienic and obviously to be attractive to women. The most popular method of hair removal is using a manual or electric razor. It is a fast method, nevertheless, it has many flaws and can be burdensome. First of all, it offers permanent results, which are noticeable the next day – hair becomes stiffer and prickly. Additionally, shaving with a razor is very often associated with painful cuts and ingrown hair, which cause purulent changes. A razor is not effective in the case of shaving such body parts as the back or buttocks, since they are very difficult to make on their own. Besides that, hair growing in those areas can be particularly problematic.

Laser men’s hair removal is a pain-free and non-invasive procedure. It offers immediate effects and comfort for a long time. Removal of unwanted hair is not only required by aesthetic needs, but most of all, it facilitates everyday hygiene and care.

Many men tackle the problem of the so-called hypertrichosis, i.e. excessive hair growth, which can lower their self-confidence, attractiveness and cause complexes. Another factor, which speaks in favor of using laser hair removal of men is excessive sweating of men, which is particularly common under underarms and in other areas of excessive hair growth. It is an unpleasant ailment, which affects the level of hygiene and comfort of life. Lack of hair entails lower sweatiness and more delicate skin.

Laser men’s hair removal

In Fabskin aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw we use safe and modern methods of laser hair removal. Palomar VECTUS laser is a state-of-the-art equipment, which can quickly and painlessly remove unwanted hair from selected parts of the body. The offer is also intended for men who want to feel good and comfortable in their skin. Laser hair removal is a modern alternative for other hair removal methods. It may be applied to practically every part of the body, even very sensitive parts, such as face and private parts. The choice of the place depends mainly on the client. Before every treatment our specialists take a detailed history with a patient, during which hair structure, its color and thickness are examined. Also a laser test is conducted to check individual reaction of a patient’s skin to light beams.

How does Palomar VECTUS laser work?

The modern intelligent Palomar VECTUR laser operates only on the surface of the skin and does not affect body functions. The procedure is painless, non-invasive and does not require convalescence, therefore a patient can almost immediately return to their normal daily activities. Thanks to Skintel technology, it recognizes the level of melanin in the skin and selects the program and settings appropriate for each patient, which offers a perfect match to the skin type. Operation of a laser consists in a laser emitting a light beam, which penetrates the skin tissue to the hair follicle and damages its root.

VECTUS Palomar laser is used to remove men’s hair affects the hair that is in the growing phase at that time, i.e. around 1/3 of the visible hair. Therefore, the procedure must be repeated a few times at 4- to 9-week intervals in order to achieve the best results and get rid of unwanted hair. Find out more about the functions and operation of Palomar Vectus laser.

Which parts of the body do men most often remove their hair from?

Research shows that the place that men most often remove their hair from are underarms. It is connected to increased sweating in those areas. If there is no hair under underarms, sweat drops do not decompose, therefore the smell is less intensive. Many men remove hair also from their chest, back, arms, face and stomach. A procedure that has become increasingly popular among men due to aesthetic and hygienic reasons is laser pubic hair removal.

Laser hair removal is repeated a few times, depending on the area. It is crucial that each subsequent hair removal procedure is more effective, since it affects already weakened hairs. It is the easiest to get rid of dark hair, which have a high amount of melanin. The number of suggested treatments on the following parts of the body:

• Legs, every 8-10 weeks
• Underarms, every 4-6 weeks
• Pubic area, every 4-6 weeks
• Underarms, every 8-10 weeks
• Buttocks, every 8-10 weeks
• Forearms, every 4-6 weeks
• Facial areas, every 4-6 weeks
• Hands, every 4-6 weeks
In order to find out more about laser hair removal from selected parts of the body, please visit the website on laser back hair removal, laser facial hair removal and laser pubic hair removal.

Contraindications for laser men’s hair removal:

The most common contraindications include:

  • Retinoid therapy
  • Skin allergies
  • Fresh suntan
  • Keloid
  • Diabetes
  • Albinism
  • Psoriasis
  • Epilepsy
  • Damaged skin
  • Taking anticoagulants
  • Pacemaker
  • Some herbs and medicines
  • Photodermatitis
  • Recently undergone surgeries
Ears200 zł100 zł
Bikini300 zł150 zł
Deep Bikini400 zł200 zł
Bikini + underarms700 zł350 zł
Man’s Bikini540 zł270 zł
Chin200 zł100 zł
Nipples200 zł100 zł
Belly350 zł175 zł
Hands200 zł100 zł
Upper lip150 zł75 zł
Chest400 zł200 zł
Calf350 zł175 zł
Calf + underarms + bikini900 zł450 zł
Legs + underarms + bikini1000 zł500 zł
Underarms250 zł125 zł
Back500 zł250 zł
Men’s back700 zł350 zł
Rear250 zł125 zł
Forearms300 zł150 zł
Arms300 zł150 zł
Feet200 zł100 zł
Neck250 zł125 zł
Thigh450 zł225 zł
Thigh + Calf800 zł400 zł
Thigh (inside)350 zł280 zł

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