Skin aging, visible wrinkles, deterioration of skin, scars, uneven colour, baldness – these are the most common problems faced by people of any age. Aesthetic medicine helps reduce unwanted marks on the skin, improve its condition, and maintain its healthy and beautiful look. At Fabskin dermatological centre using modern medical products and innovative technologies we treat our patients and give them happiness. That is why with cooperation of a fantastic company REVISAGE, we introduced micro needle treatment with medical DERMAPEN.

What is DERMAPEN micro needling?

DERMAPEN is a modern device which can apply different active components inside the skin. These components can improve the skin and its structure, density and condition. In contrast to other instruments used in mesotherapy, DERMAPEN is equipped in micro needles with automatic function of vibration. This instrument allows creating of 1300 micro canals per second! But it is not all. Thanks to fractiousness DERMAPEN can deliver 80% more of nutritive components to cells, which enhances the skin regeneration. The period of recovery after mesotherapy is 6 days. DERMAPEN micro needling allows to shorten this period to 3 days. Injections in the skin are adjusted according to the skin problem of the patient and fluctuate on the level of 0.25mm – 2.5mm, where they enhance fibroblasts, i.e. cells responsible for production of collagen and elastin. They are structural framework tissues. The more there are, the smoother and firmer the skin is. With aging their amount decreases, the skin of the face and the body loses elasticity, falls down, becomes grey and less attractive.

DERMAPEN device uses vibration of micro needles (changeable and aseptic) which deliberately destroy several skin layers to reach fibroblasts in order to enhance production of collagen and elastin. They create new support of the tissues, and as a result the regenerated skin is rejuvenated, it is firmer, more pleasant and brighter. Wrinkles are reduced or flattened. Adolescent scars disappear from the skin and acne scars are reduced. In combination with cocktails for the treatment, DERMAPEN is an essential point in treatment of cellulite and baldness at Fabskin aesthetic medicine centre.

Who can benefit from DERMAPEN micro needling?

DERMAPEN treatment can be successfully carried out for the vast majority of patients. Contraindications are: pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding, active herpes, skin damages in the site of injections, some allergies and skin sensitizations. After a detailed interview with a patient, our medical specialist makes a decision about the best way of treatment.

Indications for DERMAPEN treatment:

  • Small and deep wrinkles. Signs of skin photo-aging
  • Enlarged pores
  • Adolescent scars
  • Acne scars
  • Accident and post-operative scars
  • Cellulite
  • Cellulite prevention
  • Strech marks treatment
  • Treatment for people over 50
  • Baldness treatment
  • Improvement of uneven skin tone
  • Improvement of structure and thickness of the skin, firming the skin

Before and after the treatment

Micro needles mesotherapy treatment with the use of DERMAPEN device is carried out at Fabskin aesthetic medicine centre after a detailed interview with a patient. Our clients do not have to get ready for the treatment. It is recommended not to use similar treatments or deep peels 7 days before the planned treatment.

The treatment is almost painless. However, pain might be felt differently by different patients. You can take painkillers 30 min before the treatment. DERMAPEN is equipped with a function of automatic puncturing, the micro needles vibrate during the procedure, which additionally reduces unpleasant feelings which are less than in the case of any other mesotherapy by other instruments. For the comfort of our patients, before the treatment the sites of injections are covered by anaesthetic gel.

DERMAPEN mesotherapy does not have any side effects. After the treatment, during 3 days patients should take care of the injection site. During this time the epidermis begins to peel and the skin regenerates. It is advised to use moisturizing creams, avoid excess physical exercise, direct sunlight and cold weather. Immediately after the treatment the skin might be red, swollen, bruised, it might have small oedema and delicate bleeding. These changes disappear spontaneously, and you should not worry about them. You can put on makeup and return to your everyday activities as soon as possible.

DERMAPEN biomimetic mesotherapy treatment

DERMAPEN mesotherapy gives excellent results after the first treatment. And the first effects are noticeable when the needling is finished. DERMAPEN is a medical device, so we can apply biomimetic meso cocktails into the skin. DERMAPEN makes 1300 canals per second through which active nutritive components designed for different patient’s needs are injected. This is one of few methods in which we can effectively apply “beauty particles” into the skin cells.

Meso cocktails contain essential components to maintain beauty and juvenility, such as:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Biomimetic peptides
  • Nucleic acids
  • Coenzymes

They are delivered inside the skin where they are not sufficient. They participate in skin revitalization and for a long time you can enjoy excellent results of regenerated skin of the face and the body. They also participate in baldness treatment and stretch marks treatment.

DERMAPEN with platelet-rich plasma and hyaluronic acid

In order to achieve an effect of complete lift, the aesthetic medicine centre Fabskin recommends its patients a treatment which uses DERMAPEN technology in combination with platelet-rich plasma and natural hyaluronic acid (the effect is similar to fractional laser treatment). It is a complex and extremely effective treatment recommended to people over 30. In this case DERMAPEN is used to invoke micro damages, enhancing fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin and to regenerate the skin. Medical hyaluronic acid causes that the skin achieves its fullness and firmness, which will be appreciated by people who have a problem with “drooping face”. Platelet-rich plasma Regeneris is not sensitizing, thus a lot of patients can use it, including allergy sufferers. It enhances cells to regeneration, decreases skin folds, reduces wrinkles, improves skin tone and makes that the new skin is better hydrated, denser and firmer. The treatment is safe, and the skin quickly regenerates.


This treatment is recommended to patients with scars, skin folds, uneven skin tone, to those who have visible effects of photoaging, skin stretch marks and wrinkles and to people who smoke. It is a double strike to unpleasant ailments. The treatment combines two strong processes, i.e. controlled micro damage of the skin and its deep exfoliation. The DERMAPEN device needles the epidermis in order to activate the process of its natural regeneration, and TCA peel enables the device penetrate the skin and remove skin damages on its surface (visible scars, wrinkles, red stretch marks, discolorations, skin folds, etc.). Immediately after the treatment the face is red and swollen. The treatment requires 2-4 day recovery. The effects of DERMAPEN + TCA peel are excellent and longlasting. They permanently remove awful scars, preventfrom cellulite and reduce shallow and middle wrinkles.

Price list dermapen

DERMAPEN® – Mesotherapy Price Promotion
Smoker’s lines (upper lip) 450 zł
Face 600 zł przy pakiecie 3 zabiegów koszt 1 zabiegu 499 zł
Neck 550 zł
Decolette 550 zł
Hands 450 zł
Face + Neck 900 zł
Face + Neck + decolette 1100 zł
DERMAPEN® + Platelet Rich Plasma Price Promotion
Face 900 zł 3 treatments = 770 zł per treatment
Neck 850 zł
Decolette 850 zł
Hands 750 zł
Face + neck 1200 zł
Face + neck + decolette 1400 zł
DERMAPEN® + TCA peel (Pixel Peel) -innovative treatment for acne scars and stretch marks
Price Promotion
Face 900 zł 3 treatments = 770 zł per treatment
Stomach 1200 – 1500 zł
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