Laser depilation of intimate and butt crack area

Depilation of intimate area has been known since ancient times. Different objects were used for depilation – tweezers, shells, grinded stones or clay. For years new methods have been tried in order to get rid of unnecessary hair from intimate areas. Undoubtedly, the cutting edge moment was the invention of a razor which became very popular and easy to get. It enabled quick removal of hair. However, using a razor for many women has become burdensom – there is a risk to get cut, after shaving there is irritation, redness and often ingrown hair which causes inflammations. An ideal solution is laser depilation of the intimate and crack area. The aesthetic medicine centre Fabskin in Warsaw offers its patients treatments with the use of modern Palomar Vectus laser.

Palomar Vectus laser depilation

Palomar Vectus diode laser is a safe device which removes hair (follicle) permanently with the help of a laser beam. The laser affects 1/3 of visible hair, which is in the phase of growing. Depilation of intimate area should be repeated several times in order to remove all hair follicles. Thanks to this technique hair from pubic area, groin, anus area and crack area is removed. The treatment is painless. However, every patient can use anesthetic gel. Laser depilation is as safe as shaving, it does not hurt and it is very efficient. A laser beam penetrates deeply into the skin destroying hair follicles. Hair pigment (melanine) absorbs energy produced by the laser, which later is transformed into thermal energy and destroys unevitably the hair follicle. This is the end with burdensome depilation with a razor!

Types of laser depilation of intimate area

The most popular type of intimate depilation is:

Brazilian depilation – removal of all hair from intimate areas. Patients may want to leave a thin strip or a triangle on the pubic area, read more about brazilian depilation.

French depilation – hair removal from the bikini line, in the case of this type of depilation hair on the labia is not removed,

Hollywood depilation – total hair removal from labia, bikini area and buttocks.

As part of the intimate depilation treatment hair is also removed from the peri-anal and in men from the scrotum.

For whom is depilation of intimate area?

The treatment is for those people who like comfort and look for modern methods of hair removal. The treatment is painless and non-invasive, and its effects are spectacular. Depilation of intimate area including hair removal from the buttocks is an ideal treatment for both men and women who have enough using traditional hair removal methods.

Contraindications for laser depilation of intimate areas

– serious diseases (cancer),
– pregnancy,
– fresh suntan,
– taking antibiotics, hormons and other medications (you should inform our specialist before the treatment),
– fair hair,
– birth marks, open injuries.

Before the treatment of intimate depilation

You should remember that before the treatment with Palomar Vectus laser the skin has to be well prepared. The skin in the intimate area and the crack area cannot be irritated. Six weeks before the treatment you should not remove hair mechanically when the hair is removed with its follicle. However, you can use a razor even a day before the treatment. Three days before laser depilation of intimate area you should stop using cosmetics and at least two weeks before you should not sunbathe.

After the treatment of depilation of intimate area and buttocks area

– there is a possibility of temporary redness and swelling,
– you must not use cosmetics,
– you should treat the area with special care,
– you should cleanse the area with water or alcohol free milk,
– you cannot sunbathe during two weeks after the treatment
– it is not recommended going to swimming pools and saunas,
– you may apply soothing cream, for example, Alantan Plus.

Before each treatment you should consult our medical specialist who will carry out an interview and will answer all your questions connected with the treatment.

Ears200 zł100 zł
Bikini300 zł150 zł
Deep Bikini400 zł200 zł
Bikini + underarms700 zł350 zł
Man’s Bikini540 zł270 zł
Chin200 zł100 zł
Nipples200 zł100 zł
Belly350 zł175 zł
Hands200 zł100 zł
Upper lip150 zł75 zł
Chest400 zł200 zł
Calf350 zł175 zł
Calf + underarms + bikini900 zł450 zł
Legs + underarms + bikini1000 zł500 zł
Underarms250 zł125 zł
Back500 zł250 zł
Men’s back700 zł350 zł
Rear250 zł125 zł
Forearms300 zł150 zł
Arms300 zł150 zł
Feet200 zł100 zł
Neck250 zł125 zł
Thigh450 zł225 zł
Thigh + Calf800 zł400 zł
Thigh (inside)350 zł280 zł

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