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Praktycznie bezbolesny zabieg Minimalny czas regeneracji Niechirurgiczna blefaroplastyka (plastyka powiek) Niechirurgiczne podniesienie brwi Natychmiastowe i zadziwiające rezultaty Ujędrnienie skóry za pomocą plazmy Plexr, podniesienie brwi i niechirurgiczny zabieg podniesienia powiek (czyli blefaroplastyka) jest zabiegiem nowoczesnym i rewolucyjnym. Ta innowacyjna technologia używa plazmy, która powstaje w wyniku jonizacji gazów atmosferycznych, [...]


Gummy smile

How should a correct smile look like? Should gums be visible while smiling? How many teeth should a beautiful smile show? These and similar questions many be asked bz those people whose smile shows a bit too much. A gummy smile shows the gums, that is why teeth seem to be optically smaller [...]

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Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid

Wrinkle smoothing at FABSKIN Warsaw Thanks to hyaluronic acid wrinkles can be easily and effectively corrected. You can have wrinkles smoothed professionally at FABSKIN, the aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw. Products containing hyaluronic acid are commonly used to smooth wrinkles. Wrinkles can also be reduced with the help of direct injections [...]

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Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Firm lips are women’s visiting card Lips have always been considered to be the most attractive and determining femaleness element of appearance. Vivid, firm and shapely – they attract glances and arouse jealousy. They testify for sensuality and stimulate imagination. It is worth taking care of our lips making them look [...]

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Smoothing/reducing of wrinkles, botox treatment

FABSKIN is an aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw which offers its patients the best quality treatments aimed at wrinkle removal and wrinkle smoothing. We use the highest quality botox products for maximum satisfaction of our clients at attractive prices. The balance of benefits is always on the part of patients! [...]

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