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Alma Clear Lift

Pain-free skin lift with the use of Q-Switch fractional laser – even for sensitive skin! The only non-ablative fractional Q-Switch laser of this type in Poland. The procedure is practically pain-free, it does not leave any marks on the skin and shortly afterwards, patients can return to their normal daily [...]

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8 point lift

If you dream about younger but naturally smooth skin, 8-point lift is a technique which restores volume in 8 strategic places, lifting them with the use of a small amount of fillers. The results are immediate. However, a little discomfort might be felt and a patient needs a short period [...]

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Accent ultra v in treatment of excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is a condition that affects up to 60% of the population. Wet patches, sweaty clothes, melting makeup, the need to refresh the body and clothes are the problems bothering people suffering from excessive sweating. The problem is particularly troublesome in summer, but in practice it lasts all year round. However, excessive [...]

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Lipotransfer lipofilling

Lipotransfer/ Lipofilling – modelling with the use of stem cells from adipose tissue The world aesthetic medicine market revolution. Innovation in Polish dermatological clinics – adipose tissue transplantation. Fabskin in Warsaw is one of a few clinics which performs lipofilling. It is unusual that somebody has an ideal body. It is always [...]

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Intelligently rejuvenating 360iq program

4 revolutionary treatments for beautiful looks. More youth, more health, more beauty. A unique combination of Dye-VL laser technologies, Accer Ultra V radio waves and iPixel. The skin rarely tackles only one problem, most often as a result of one skin issue, new ones appear soon. In this way, the natural skin ageing process [...]

Intelligently rejuvenating 360iq program2020-04-07T11:32:06+02:00

Laser acne scar removal with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG laser

Acne scars may remain on the skin even after teen acne and can be a real sensitive spot for even very young people. We can easily handle them as long as they are fresh and have not become china-white. Young persons are particularly sensitive about their appearance, and acne scars [...]

Laser acne scar removal with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG laser2020-04-07T11:32:07+02:00

Effective laser treatment – erythema

Erythema most often affects the face, including the cheeks, the nose, the forehead and the beard. It is caused by transformations in the capillary system and may result in more serious ailments, such as rosacea. Therefore, early recognition and fast treatment are so important. Delicate vessels require special care. They expand easily and lead [...]

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Alma Harmony DYE VL

Alma DYE VL laser therapy of vascular lesions, i.e. spider veins, consists in transferring laser light beams to the changed cells, containing red cells with hemoglobin. They are damaged and replaced by healthy cells, which regenerates the cell structure, making the skin visibly more beautiful. The ALMA DYES VL laser has been intelligently designed [...]

Alma Harmony DYE VL2020-04-07T11:32:07+02:00

Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser

Wrinkles, discoloration, skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to weather conditions, lack of flexibility of the skin, furrows on the face – all of this makes us feel unattractive and old. Lase resurfacing is an innovative procedure based on the use of the sensational laser technology (Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser). [...]

Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser2020-04-07T11:32:08+02:00

IPL laser removal of discolorations – Laser ALMA DYE VL

Skin discoloration may appear at different ages and concern both women and men. It is caused by both congenital factors, such as genetic conditions and those connected to our lifestyle and the influence of the environment. The natural skin pigment, melanin, is located in the skin, in melanocytes. Their excessive amount may lead [...]

IPL laser removal of discolorations – Laser ALMA DYE VL2020-04-07T11:32:08+02:00