FABSKIN is an aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw which offers its patients the best quality treatments aimed at wrinkle removal and wrinkle smoothing. We use the highest quality botox products for maximum satisfaction of our clients at attractive prices. The balance of benefits is always on the part of patients!

What is botox?

Botox, or Botulinum toxin type A is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridum botulinum. Refined toxin efficiently reduces acetylcholinerelease responsible for weaking of nervomuscular chords because of which wrinkles appear, the eyelids sink down and general flexibility of skin decreases.

History of Botox

First, Botulinum toxin was used by medical specialists to treat squint and blepharospasm. It was not known to a wide group of people. However, soon it became one of the most wanted medicine among women because thanks to it wrinkles were locally reduced for about 5-6 months. Aesthetic medicine positively estimated botox in 1989 when plastic surgeons from California proved a fantastic influence of botox in the struggle with visible aging of the skin. In 2002 Word Health Organization accepted botulinum type A, i.e. botox to be used in cosmetics for treatment of deep wrinkles between the eyebrows. Botulinum toxin type A’s success caused that botox was included to the list of aesthetic medicine services for good. Today it is a common treatment which safety is confirmed by 50 tests ordered by different institutions.

How does Botox work in aesthetic medicine?

Botox injections can improve or reduce wrinkles for the period of 6 weeks to even 6 months. It does not only depend on the amount of the injected botox but also on a place where the treatment is held and individual characteristics of a patient. In our centre of aesthetic medicine Fabskin, clients have a possibility to consult the botox injection treatment thoroughly with a specialist. What interests patients the most is a common problem that a person looks as if they wear a mask. We would like to calm down the people interested in this treatment. High quality botox (which is used at out centre), injected in a professional clinic by an experienced doctor influences only on some parts of muscles, loosening them and making the skin smoother. You really get a natural look!

Who can be treated with botox?

In people who have vivid facial expressions, wrinkles appear earlier. In order to preserve youthful appearance and fresh look they can start using botox injections. If you would like to make sure, please, visit our aesthetic medicine centre in Warsaw – Bemowo. This anti wrinkle treatment is usually carried out for a longer period of time and it gives much better effects.

It is not possibile to estimate what the final effects (the level of smoothing wrinkles) would be achieved using botox for deep strong wrinkles of elderly people. Sometimes, it is necessary to consider complementary treatment.

This treatment is the most often used beauty treatment in the United States. Every year about 5 million procedures are carried out using botox in order to reduce wrinkles and processes of skin aging. Botox used in cosmetics consists of small doses of botulinum toxin.

Botox in cosmetic use:

  • Excessive eyelid blinking,
  • Neck spasms, neuromuscular neck problems,
  • Reduction of forehead lines,
  • Smoothing crow’s feet,
  • Glabellar lines smoothing,
  • Smoothing of wrinkles in lip corners,
  • Reduction of wrinkles in eyebrow corners,
  • Complementation of other anti wrinkle treatments,
  • Excessive sweating,
  • Migraine and headaches,
  • Bruxism,
  • Allergic rhinitis,
  • Gummy smile.

Doctors also believe that botulinum toxin could be used to fight obesity because it reduces the time of digestion in the stomach due to which we do not feel hungry.

Treatments at FABSKIN

We carry out botox treatments on regular basis. A complete procedure lasts from several to several dozens of minutes, depending on the skin, number and location of the wrinkles. The doctor making botulinum type A injections inserts it in specific places of the face and neck. Smoothing wrinkles with botox is a noninvasive treatment, which means that a patient should not make an appointment for this treatment, specially prepare for it or have time for recovery after the botox injection. However, you have to avoid excessive physical exercise, face massage or face gymnastics. For sensitive patients, before the treatment anaesthetic cream is applied. You do not have to be afraid of pain. Botox injection treatment does not cause pain. Immediately after the injection the patient can get back to their everyday activity. And the result? The best noticeable result is achieved after a few days. Safety and quick effects – these are two factors which make botox treatment an absolute hit in fighting wrinkles. The treatment should be repeated regularly, every few months. Every time the result will be satisfying!

Contraindications and side effects:

  • Botox treatment should be avoided by people allergic to protein, who are pregnant and have neuromuscular problems.

Before each treatment you should consult your treating doctor.

  • Side effects can be as follows: short-term muscle paralysis, minor swelling at the botulinum injection site, a headache, flulike symptoms, tiredness, trouble swallowing, visual problems, dry mouth, other allergic reactions.

Side effects are extremely rare and temporary. They are visible locally. If you use botox at a specialized centre of aesthetic medicine your risk is minimal.

Do not give up, let yourself have a professional rejuvenating treatment. Botox at the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw slows down aging processes. It is safe in any aspect.

Price list botox treatment

Botolinum Toxin Procedures Price Promotion
Glabella (frown line) 400 zł
Forehead (horizontal lines) 400 zł
Crow’s feet 400 zł
2 regions 800 zł 700 zł
3 regions – full package 1200 zł 950 zł
Eyebrow lift 400 zł
Bunny lines 200 zł
Upper lip (smoker’s lines) 400 zł
Marionette lines 400 zł
Cobblestone chin 450 zł
Neck 800 – 1200 zł
HYPERHIDROSIS – Botulinum Toxin Price
Armpits 1500 zł
Palms 1500 zł
Forehead 900 zł
Botulinum Toxin Price Promotion
Bruxism treatment 1200 – 2000 zł 950 – 1500 zł
Non-surgical jaw corrective treatment 1200 – 2000 zł 950 – 1500 zł
OTHER PROCEDURES – Botulinum Toxin Price Promotion
Gummy smile 600 zł 450 zł

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