Immediate lift. Barb PDO threads

We dream about maintaining youthful, beautiful and radiant look. Unfortunately, time is not at our side. That is why we fight with it actively at out centre of aesthetic medicine reaching for more and more perfect instruments. Safe and effective Barb PDO threads are international revolution in lift treatments. This generation of lift threads is better and more comfortable for a patient.

Forget about surgery and invasive lift after which scars might remain. New polydioxanone threads are safe and the lifting result remains for almost 2 years!

What is thread lift treatment?

Barb PDO polydioxanone threads are inserted with the help of a thin surgical needle into the skin according to its natural location. Micro-size hooks attach themselves to skin tissues lifting the skin due to which the skin is better stretched. PDO threads function as an under-skin construction. They function as muscles, supporting the skin tissues and giving the skin more flexibility.

Barb PDO threads are absorbed inside the skin enhancing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. The time of absorbtion lasts for about 210 days, during this time our skin becomes brighter, small scars and discolorations disappear. The shape of our face becomes more beneficial, small wrinkles and folds are reduced. Revolutionary Barb PDO threads are excellent for all signs of aging!

Before the treatment the site of injection is covered by a special anasthetic gel which minimizes the risk of pinching. A patient feels needlesticks when the needle touches the skin. The pain is not much unpleasant, and kind and carrying personnel will help you to relax. The time of the treatment is 60 minutes, depending on the part of the body and individual needs of a patient. Barb PDO thread lift does not leave scars, the site of the injection might be red and swollen for a few hours after the treatment. You can put on your makeup and return to your everyday activities. The time of recovery is not necessary.

Who can use Barb PDO thread lift?

Barb PDO thread lift is recommended to people over 30 and to those who have done other lift and regenerating treatments. They can be an ideal supplementation of laser therapy, enhance scar, stretch marks and cellulite reduction, they can be used to fight with discolorations and wrinkles. Barb PDO threads are effective for 2 years! This is the best and the longest minimally invasive lift. It can be used for any part of the body and be repeated whenever it is necessary.

The treatment is suitable for both men and women. PDO threads are not felt under the skin and the effect is immediate. After the treatment the skin is much tightened and soon its colour becomes more beautiful, without any discolorations. After about 10-14 days production of collagen increases and then we notice a range of advantages which threads give us. Threads are absorbed naturally and there is no need to take them out. Threads make the tissue stronger and support the skin.

Bard PDO threads eliminate:

  • nasolabial wrinkles
  • crow’s feet
  • small wrinkles aroun eyes
  • skin folds
  • deep forehead wrinkles
  • improve face shape
  • improve skin tone
  • improve jaw line
  • make the skin firmer
  • rise the cheeks
  • eliminate wrinkles and uneven skin on the neck and the decollete area
  • smooth hands
  • diminish scars and stretch marks

Contraindications of Barb PDO thread treatment

  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding
  • taking medications which change blond clotting
  • recent surgeries
  • allergy to any of the PDO threads components
  • taking some medications and herbs
  • some sensitisations and skin allergies

Immediate effects and improvement of the skin in the following 7 months. The results remain for almost 2 years! Barb PDO thread lift is the safest and the most efficient minimally invasive lift.

Price list barb pdo threads

PDO mono threads – skin tightening Price Promotion
1 thread 100 zł 80 zł
10 threads 900 zł 799 zł
20 threads 1700 zł 1499 zł
30 threads 2500 zł 1999 zł
V lift thread PDO Barb threads – lifting Price Promotion
1 thread 550 zł 400 zł
Cheek lift 3400 zł 2999 zł
Jaw line lift 1200 – 2400 zł
Cheek + jaw line lift 4000 zł 3299 zł
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