Our aesthetic medicine Fabskin centre in Warsaw offers laser back hair removal treatment, which guarantees enhancement of your life comfort. Removal of unwanted hair from this body part is particularly troublesome – it is difficult to do it yourself, and asking someone for help can be awkward. Additionally, the effects last for a very short time, shaving must be repeated very often and growing hairs are hard and unpleasant to the touch. There is a risk of skin irritation and ingrown hair may appear causing inflammation of hair follicles. In this case an ideal solution is to use our service of laser back hair removal, which allows to remove unwanted back hair for a long time.

Nowadays, laser treatments are used not only by women. More and more men want to take care of their looks and improve the quality of their life. For many men back hair entails a complex, discomfort and it is very often an obstacle in daily activities, such as swimming, staying at a lake or intimate situations – men feel uncomfortable undressing and revealing their unsightly back. Thanks to laser back hair removal you can get rid of unwanted hair once and for all.

Back, chest or buttock hair removal is the most popular method among men who appreciate the comfort as well as practical and permanent effects.

Laser back hair removal

A back hair removal procedure is practically pain-free and lasts around 30 minutes. The intelligent and modern VECTUS Palomar diode laser is fast, effective and safe. It permanently removes hair and improves the quality of patients’ life. It affects only the surface, damaging the hair root without affecting any body functions. An additional benefit of the laser is the fact that after the procedure a patient does not require any convalescence and can immediately return to their normal daily activities.

Laser back hair removal should be repeated a few times at 4-week to 6-week intervals in order to achieve the best, permanent results.

Preparation for back hair removal.

One day before your back hair laser removal procedure, shave hair with a regular razor. It is recommended to leave a small piece of skin unshaved to test the thickness and color of the hair.

At least a month before the first hair removal:

– do not remove back hair together with roots (use only a razor that does not remove the root),
– do not apply any ointments or creams that contain vitamin C or retinoids,
– around 2 weeks before hair removal, discontinue any photosensitive medications and herbs,
– sun exposure of the skin or sunbeds are not recommended,
– it is not recommended to use peels,
– it is worth to moisturize the skin a day before the procedure using moisturizers,
– it is important for the back skin to be perfectly clean and nothing should be applied to it on the day of the procedure.

After laser back hair removal:

– a natural symptom is redness and natural swelling which subside usually after a few hours,
– hot baths should be avoided for a few days,
– it is not recommended to use a sauna or a swimming pool up to 4 days after the procedure,
– up to 4 days after back hair removal products which contain alcohol cannot be used, it is only possible to use an alcohol-free antiperspirant, although resignation from using any cosmetics is recommended,
– it is not recommended to use any exfoliating or peeling treatments up to 2 weeks after the procedure,
– up to 2 weeks after the treatment, patients should absolutely avoid sun exposure of the back.

For the best results, it is recommended to undergo a few laser back hair removal sessions. The effect depends mainly on hair thickness and color. In order to remove back hair entirely, the procedure should be repeated 3 to 6 times, due to the fact that hairs are in different growth stage.

Before every procedure, a patient contacts our specialist who will take their medical history and answer any and all questions related to the procedure.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not always possible, there are some contraindications, such as: albinism, diabetes, psoriasis, pregnancy, fresh suntan, some medicines. Read more about Palomar Vectus laser.

Ears 200 zł 100 zł
Bikini 300 zł 150 zł
Deep Bikini 400 zł 200 zł
Bikini + underarms 700 zł 350 zł
Man’s Bikini 540 zł 270 zł
Chin 200 zł 100 zł
Nipples 200 zł 100 zł
Belly 350 zł 175 zł
Hands 200 zł 100 zł
Upper lip 150 zł 75 zł
Chest 400 zł 200 zł
Calf 350 zł 175 zł
Calf + underarms + bikini 900 zł 450 zł
Legs + underarms + bikini 1000 zł 500 zł
Underarms 250 zł 125 zł
Back 500 zł 250 zł
Men’s back 700 zł 350 zł
Rear 250 zł 125 zł
Forearms 300 zł 150 zł
Arms 300 zł 150 zł
Feet 200 zł 100 zł
Neck 250 zł 125 zł
Thigh 450 zł 225 zł
Thigh + Calf 800 zł 400 zł
Thigh (inside) 350 zł 280 zł

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