Excessive sweating is a condition that affects up to 60% of the population. Wet patches, sweaty clothes, melting makeup, the need to refresh the body and clothes are the problems bothering people suffering from excessive sweating. The problem is particularly troublesome in summer, but in practice it lasts all year round. However, excessive sweating is not the end of the world and it can be effectively treated with innovative Alma Accer Ultra V laser procedure. In the Fabskin aesthetic medicine centre we help our patients get rid of this unpleasant ailment.

What does treatment of excessive sweating in the Accer Ultra V system look like?

Alma Accer Ultra V operates on the basis of combined complementary technologies used by specialist laser heads. The method is not invasive, patients do not have to specially prepare for it or undergo convalescence.

The SweatX method involves:

  • The use of RF heads in the radiofrequency process.
  • The heads are applied to body areas where excessive sweating is observed.
  • The procedure takes a few up to less than twenty minutes.
  • During the procedure patients do not feel any pain, they can relax.
  • No scars or flaws remain on the body after the procedure.
  • The procedure is controlled. Bipolar and monopolar electromagnetic waves reach sweat glands and affect water molecules located inside.
  • As a result of molecule vibration and disintegration, excessive sweating is slowed impeded.
  • During the procedure no other body tissues or systems are affected.

The Accent Ultrasound V program treats excessive sweating on the basis of a thermal process that regulates sweating processes in the body. There are no side effects, as the procedure neither affects the body’s thermal balance nor destroys sweat glands.

In order to achieve optimal effects, we conduct a series of a few – a dozen of treatments – at 2-4 week intervals. There are no contraindications for the excessive sweating treatment, unless the doctor decides otherwise. In the Fabskin aesthetic medicine centre we take a patient’s medical history before every procedure. Natural body processes may start to work over actively with time. At this point the procedure can be repeated.

Say GOODBYE to wet feet and underarms, stop the sweat from appearing on your forehead and melting wake up. In a painless, fast and safe excessive sweating treatment with Accent Ultra V.

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