What is aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic medicine is a field that includes a wide range of appearance boosting treatments, which additionally contribute to improvement of a patient’s well-being and self-acceptance. Beauty, without doubt, plays a crucial role in our life. As an aesthetic medicine center (aesthetic medicine Warsaw Bemowo) we make sure that every patient feels special and his or her image will be professionally improved by a qualified group of specialists (doctors from FABSKIN aesthetic medicine center in Warsaw).

Every Patient undergoes a few initial stages before the actual beautifying or beauty correcting treatments are performed. Firstly, a doctor conducts detailed consultations with a patient to better understand their expectations. The second step is taking care of the patient’s skin and its proper assessment. In the final stage, the doctor develops an individual short- or long-term treatment plan for the patient.

Our mission focuses on meeting the needs and satisfying the wishes of patients in the area of anti-aging treatment, including premature ageing. Our services also include other procedures which make patients’ wishes of perfect looks come true. We successfully realize them in our aesthetic medicine center in Warsaw.
Aesthetic medicine is effective anywhere where surgical intervention is not needed. The treatments are safe and non-invasive. Used according to the plan developed by a doctor, they may be a perfect alternative for expensive and painful plastic surgery treatments.

And do you already know all the procedures we conduct at Fabskin in Warsaw?

A significantly growing number of people becomes more and more eager to try aesthetic medicine treatments. They can be conducted during the proverbial “coffee break”. They do not require earlier preparations and properly selected at a relatively young age (the criterion is the condition of the skin), are perfect for skin ageing control and prevent this process effectively, even for many years.

The effects of aesthetic medicine treatments conducted by the trained doctors of FABSKIN aesthetic medicine center in Warsaw, is natural and does not clash with an individual type of beauty.