If you dream about younger but naturally smooth skin, 8-point lift is a technique which restores volume in 8 strategic places, lifting them with the use of a small amount of fillers. The results are immediate. However, a little discomfort might be felt and a patient needs a short period of recovery. The technique is ideal for almost everyone who notices their skin flabbiness.

The most common symptoms of skin flabbiness:

  • loose skin or “drooping face”
  • effect of “tiredness” visible under the eyes
  • “double chin” which appears along the jaw line.

With aging, key areas of our face become loose. 8-point lift concentrates on those strategic areas and with the use of a filler it helps achieve beautiful and natural effect. The treatment guarantees minimalizing of discomfort and the period of recovery. The key lift points are guidelines which are adjusted to the needs of a patient. Individual consultations are necessary in order to achieve the best overall effect.

8 key points include:

1 and 2: Cheek bone structure: Small filling in this area improves the look of cheeck bones and helps lift nasolabial groove.

3: “Tear trough” / middle part of the face: The treatment reduces wrinkles under eyes which make an impression of tiredness. In the case of deeper wrinkles it might be necessary to use additional product with a softer and more flexible filler. You should ask your doctor if an additional treatment is a good solution for you.

4: Nasolabial grooves: This area becomes deeper with aging. Thus, adding volume in this point might help obtain a younger look. Some people look good with nasolabial grooves. However, others claim that this area is visibly aging and its filling may be beneficial.

5: Lip corners: Dropping lip corners make your face look dissatisfied or sad. Creating a kind of support for lips with the help of a filler may lift the lip corners and additionally cause that we would look happier.

6: Pre-jowal area: The loss of volume in pre-jowal area, cheeks and chin can cause that your cheeks drop. So, the filling in the pre-jowal area and other eight lift points might help reduce and improve the look of loose cheeks.

7: Jaw line: With aging jaw line becomes loose and the lower part of face drops, which causes that your cheeks drop and the skin loses. A soft improvement of the jaw angle can help lift these areas. If you noticed considerable damage in this area, it might be necessary to use more product or other techniques in order to obtain the best results.

8: Lower cheek area: Lines in the cheek area can cause appearance of mimic wrinkles because of smiling and make an impression that we look tired. Filling of these areas helps improve natural curvature and cheek structure.

Is eight point lift for me?

People over 35, especially with first signs of skin drooping and loosing can be good candidates for this kind of treatment. In the case of intensive skin flabbiness, achievement of good results is also possible. However, the amount of the filler should be increased and probably additional techniques would also be required in order to achieve the best results. You have to make an appointment with a doctor and discuss the techniques best suitable for you.

When will I see the results?

The results are immediate, and your doctor will control the effects in the mirror during the treatment together with a patient in order to show them the development.

How long do the results remain?

In average, the results remain for about 12-16 months. However, it might be necessary to carry out corrective treatments in order to achieve and maintain the desired appearance.

Is the treatment costly?

During eight point lift treatment a small amount of the lifter is used in order to achieve the best lift effect. That is why the treatment is not that much costly. In the case of early symptoms of the skin flabbiness, 2-3 injections will be performed. However, people with considerable drooping may achieve ideal results with a greater amount of the product.

How long is the treatment?

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Additionally, a patient needs time to consult everything with the doctor. That is why you need about 60 minutes for a complete visit.

Is the treatment painful?

Discomfort that you may experience is minimal and short. Fillers of new generation used in our clinic contain local anaesthesia which reduces unpleasant feelings.

What is the period of recovery after eight-point lift treatment?

The majority of people get back to their everyday activities immediately or soon after the treatment. You can put on mineral makeup, that is why many patients decide to get back to work immediately. We recommend avoiding excessive physical activity, visiting spa or sauna, drinking alcohol during 24-48 hours. If you would like to improve your appearance before an important event, such as birthday or wedding, we recommend performing the treatment four-six weeks before. Our skin requires a few weeks to achieve the best effects. We do not recommend the treatment 2 weeks before the event because bruises might appear.

What are possible side effects of the treatment?

We use an internationally recognized brand of hyaluronic acid, that is why side effects are minimal and temporary, and the treatment can be reversed. The most common side effects are temporary skin reactions such as redness, pain, firmness, swelling, appearance of nodules, bruises, itching or discolorations.

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